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Rockdale High School junior
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Ackley received Voice of Democra      cy award from Richard Henderson during Veterans Day ceremony Thur sday at RHS. Ackley received Voice of Democra cy award from Richard Henderson during Veterans Day ceremony Thur sday at RHS.

speech in this year ’s Voi ce

of D emocracy contest, sponsored

by Ve terans of For

Po st 6525. It was w rit te n and

d el ivered by Nattali

R HS junior.

It may be hard to im agine a

world where the teenagers who sit

next to me in class a re in charge

of every th ing, but it will happen

some day.

In the fut ure, the same adults

who run our c ou ntry today won’t

be in control. They won’t be m aking

decisions for ou r communities

or fight ing for our country ’s


Wh en t his genera tion passes

the torch, a new one has to step

up, and my generation is the next

in line.

It will become our job as the

new fac e of America to take over

this c ountry. Someone from this

generation will one day become

the President of the United States,

working with senators and state

leg islators to make the laws th at

affect the way people live.

Some will also become the

judges who decide whether or

not those laws are fairly written.

Together t hey will be responsible

for leading us in the right direct

Not everyone will take on such

a high pr ofile role in the world .

Some members of this generation

will be small town mayo r s, or

corpor ate leader s, a nd they too

will h ave a hu ge impact on the

way t he world works.

Mayors help to plan for the

grow th a nd development of our

cities a nd tow ns while corporate

leaders help to shape every aspect

of ou r ec onomy.

The way our businesses are run

wil l decide ever ything, f rom t he

job market to in flation. My generation

will carry forth the biggest

effort in history to live “green,”

co nsidering t he e nvironme ntal

impact we leave behind more

clo sely th an any other generation

has done since the Industrial


There will be ma ny space s to

fill as teachers, propert y owners,

and community le aders.

However, the most imp or ta nt

role any of us will take on is that

of a “cit iz en”. A s cit izens we will

be cal le d upon to take an act ive

role in governi ng by elect ing t he

officials we trust to make the best

decisions, and to do the right


That is why it is so important

to start understanding what is

goin g on in o ur w or ld now, so

t hat we won’t be dumbfou nded

in the f uture.

Many members of this gen

eration w ill bec ome the heroes of

tomorrow. They will be our m ilitary

forces, fight ing for freedom.

They will be our police patrols,

keeping our street s safe.

They will be our firemen and

paramed i cs, s aving live s ev er y

day. It is thanks to these brave

people that we will continue

to exercise our right to vote, to

wa lk down the st reet f reely, a nd

to speak our m inds whenever we

choose to.

Soon it will be time for the

people of my generat ion to step

into these roles to carry on the

job of protecting our families,

our homes, our country, and our


There ar e so many imp or ta nt

job s to take on in this world, a nd

the only way we will continue

to grow and prosper is to have

morally strong people to step

in to the se roles; wh i ch is wh y

it is becoming more important

than ever to get back to our basic

values and morals. Often times

it seems as though family values

were long ago forgotten.

There are more single parent

fami lies than ever before. There

are more families where both

parents are working outside the

home, and ver y few children are

growing up with a parent home to

help gu ide them in daily life. The

media inf uses our chi ldren with

mas sive messages of violence and

indiscret ions.

It has become increasingly

difficult to pass on the ideals

that once shaped our society.

It will become the responsibili

of my generation to p oint us

back toward s those f undamental


There is an old saying t hat “it

takes a village to raise a child”,

and the time has come for the village

to step in and show children

the rig ht path to w alk on. I f my

generat ion tackle s this problem

as our most impor ta nt platform,

e very other major problem socie

ty faces, from drug s to gang s ,

will become a more manageable


If families and the community become stronger entities,

it will be harde r for children to

be corrupted. This is the most

impor tant t hing my genera tion

could pos s ibly do - re s toring our

nation’s values.

If I wer e asked th e que s tion:

“Does my generation have a role

in America’s future”, I would

answer w ith a resounding “ ye s.”

My generation is America’s

future. We are the farmers, the

teachers, the policemen, the

pre ac hers, t he firemen , the legis

lators, the business leaders

and com munity members. More

impor ta ntly, we are t he parents,

aunts, u ncles, gr andparents, a nd

family leaders that will pass

down the ideals and values we

hold to be most important in this


Gandhi said to “be the change

you want to see in the world”. My

generation already speaks of the

ch anges we envision.

We value a world of equa lit y,

freedom, env ironmenta l re sponsibi

lit y and peacef ul revolut ion.

It won’t be long until we s tep into

the roles that will make those

ch anges into possibilit ies.

And those possibilities are


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