Thanks from honoree

Dear editor,

To the Rockdale Sports Hall of Honor Committee Members:

Thank you for the process, the banquet, and the induction into Rockdale’s Hall of Honor.

I have always carried Rockdale with me everywhere I went (with pride), so it is such a feeling of satisfaction and coming full circle to end up in the place of my humble beginnings.

I miss those days, and it was a chance to go back if only for a moment and relive them.

I heard nothing but positive comments on the entire evening, so hats off to you.

To the Rockdale Athletic Booster Club:

Your support of me since I returned has been unwavering and I appreciate everything you do for me, the girls, and the entire athletic program.

To Jef f Miller and Denise Betchan:

Jeff, thank you for initiating the Hall of Honor. Our history is a rich one with countless stories to be told. Thanks for remembering.

Denise, you are simply the best. Your gift is that you do everything in such an unassuming way because it comes from the heart.

That makes your kindness, willingness to help, and support effortless.

To The Rockdale Reporter:

Martin Stroman and Ted Weems said it best. You have always supported and promoted Rockdale athletics.

You have also supported me my entire career. I thank you for all of the stories and contributions to RHS athletics and the community as a whole.

This was all part of my speech, but as you know I had to keep it short. This gives me a chance to thank you in the manner in which you deserve.

It was truly one of the most memorable moments of my life.

Liz Galloway-McQuitter

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