Deed Without Warranty

Ernest J. Roberson to Ronnie Hill and Cherri Hill – west half of Mesquite Avenue (v. 1,135, p. 242).

Warranty Deeds

Ernest Jackson Roberson to Ronnie Hill and Cherri Hill – Lots 46-47 and 53, Sunset Terrace Addition, Cameron (v. 1,135, p. 240).

Celia Garcia Garrison and Arturo Joe Garcia to Max Perez and Nancy Perez – 1.25 acres, Eli Williams Survey A-380 (v. 1,135, p. 265).

John Arthur Thompson Jr. and Kathryn Ann Thompson to Billy C. Graham Trust and Joy Graham Trust, Billy C. Graham and Joy Graham, trustees – 100.01 acres and 100.01 acres, J.J. Liendo Survey A- 31 (v. 1,135, p. 468).

Millard E. Mowdy and Mary L. Mowdy to Sherry Miller – north half of Lots 7-10, Block 44, Buckholts (v. 1,135, p. 501).

Warranty Deeds With Vendor’s Lien

Paul Millsap to Isaac Smith and Jessica Smith – part of 6.188 acres, John F. Guthrie Survey A-175 (v. 1,135, p. 244).

Tommy C. Standard and Dorothy J. Standard to Brian W. Hundle and Suzanne M. Hundle – 10 acres, W.H. Clemons Grant (v. 1,135, p. 322).

Kenneth T. Harris Estate, Vicki L. Hillmer, independent executrix, to Amanda K. Thompson – Lot 1, Block 2, Revised Dyer Addition fka Dyer Addition (v. 1,135, p. 439).

John Harvey Slocum and Theresa Slocum to William F. Horton II – 19.703 acres, D.A. Thompson Survey (v. 1,135, p. 552).

Special Warranty Deeds

Susan Tabit Yates to Bobby w. Yates – 15.46 acres, J.G.W. Pierson Survey A-299 (v. 1,135, p. 503).

CitiMortgage Inc., National Default Reo Services dba First American Asset Closing Services, attorney-in-fact, to Eddie Dodd – Lots 1-2 and part of Lots 3, 6-8, Hamilton-Rasberry Addition, Rockdale (v. 1,135, p. 511).

Betty June Taliaferro to Milam Triangle T LLC – 55.984 acres, Liendo and Duncan Surveys (v. 1,135, p. 596).

Assumption Warranty Deed

Stacey R. Beason to Cary L. Beason – 12 acres, Juan Jose Acosta 8 League Grant (v. 1,135, p. 586).

Quitclaim Deed

Betty A. Jezisek to Tammy L. Carter, Teresa A. Garza and George Raymond Jezisek – 808.508 acres, Jose Leal Survey (v. 1,135, p. 473).

Substitute Trustee Deed

John W. Latham, substitute trustee, Isaac C. Broadway Jr. and Isaac C. Broadway to Federal National Mortgage Association aka Fannie Mae – 0.388 acres, William Allen Survey A-72 (v. 1,135, p. 494).

Mineral Deed

Nancy Orthea Love, individually and as executor, and Richard Anthony Love Sr. Estate to Richard A. Love Jr. and Charles M. Love – 2,147.05 acres, James Shields Survey A-323 (v. 1,135, p. 339).

Grant Deed

Great American Land Sales LLC, Barry Nishman, manager, to Randle Bonner – Lots 11-12, Block 42, West Cameron (v. 1,135, p. 335).

Oil and Gas Leases

Jan Bredt Knight Living Trust (dated Aug. 27, 2009), Jan Bredt Knight, trustee, to Three Forks Energy LLC – 120.3678 acres, David Houston League (v. 1,135, p. 488).

Beverly Gunn Owen to Three Forks Energy LLC – 20.5 acres, W.W. Hill Survey (v. 1,135, p. 529).

June Gunn Smith to Three Forks Energy LLC – 20.5 acres, W.W. Hill Survey (v. 1,135, p. 533).

Oil, Gas and Mineral Lease

Betsy B. Davis et al to Thomas C. Doss – 371 acres, Cronea and Smith Surveys (v. 1,135, p. 346).


Civil Cases Filed

Milam County vs. Romanita V. Duran et al – tax case.

Milam County vs. Rodrick D. Hawkins et al – tax case.

Milam County vs. Thomas D. Galbreath et al – tax case.

Milam County vs. Bob Terry dba Bob’s Steakhouse – tax case.

21s Mortgage Corp. vs. Mary Ann Balch et al – consumer/commercial debt.

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