‘Gutless’ person left dog in rural area

Dear editor,

Yesterday a little dog crawled into my lap and in no time he got under my skin, but we are already feeding too many such abandoned mouths.

I tried all afternoon, without success, to find him a home but first handed him over to animal control to be destroyed.

Whether at the hands of animal control, coyote or 18-wheeler, we should never forget about this fact and it makes me angry.

Then I took the little dog back. Currently called “Lucky 7,” he comes to the rattle of any food dish.

Currently 10 million pets are euthanized annually by shelters. Not included in this figure are vet clinics, animal control facilities and “dumpers.”

If you are the kind of person to dump any pet, without the guts to put a .22 between the eyes, you should be sterilized because for such a person to procreate does the world no favor.

The enjoyment of pets requires some responsibility, so if you can’t take care of yourself, don’t try it.

If you want to visit with Lucky, call Jack, 446-4620. He really is cute, the puppy, not Jack.

Jackson Lee Huff 1212 County Road 314 Rockdale

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