Links between Komen, Planned Parenthood

Dear editor,

On Nov. 7, I walked in my first Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

I was with 70-plus others on the team Jonell’s Jewels. Jonell Turner was a great friend who died the day after our Cancer Survivor’s Retreat in 2009.

She was one of five of our group who died this past year.

Just before the event, I found out that the Komen Foundation gives a percentage of its funds to Planned Parenthood, as does United Way, and probably hundreds of other worthy organizations.

I did a lot of research to support this statement. All my life I have been completely naïve about the evil history and horrid practices of Planned Parenthood as well as knowledge of how abortions are done.

Well, this year I have learned. This is one of many areas of life where ignorance is not bliss, and I challenge everyone to look up the history of why Planned Parenthood was started and the founder’s motives behind her “plan.”

My anger and frustration were directed at the Komen Foundation in the beginning, but it is now directed solely at Planned Parenthood, and I feel obligated to inform others about it

Komen is only involved by giving grants to those who apply and, of course, Planned Parenthood does have an opportunity to give free mammograms to women who cannot afford to get them otherwise in low income areas.

That, however, does not keep them from influencing the women who come in and informing them about abortions while they are there.

Also any money given for procedures other than abortions frees up funds to be used for abortions.

My second challenge is to research the methods of abortion.

I will not go into details in the newspaper, but I am going to give some links to some websites to see information on how they are done as late in pregnancy as 36- 38 weeks.

They are even done as late as the day of birth, called partialbirth abortions.

A few informative websites are: http://www.priestsforlife. org/resources/abortionimages/;; www. abortion.

These are all very graphic, so do not view them unless you want to get the full effect of what abortion really is.

Young girls need to know what it is. Young men need to know. Parents and grandparents need to know how to discuss it with their families.

Through my research, I found that many people are not giving to the Komen Foundation because of their grants to Planned Parenthood just as many do not give to United Way for the same reason.

However, please do not cut off giving to cancer research in general. You never know who may benefit from it tomorrow.

Sincerely, Pam Dymke P.O. Box 1033 Rockdale

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