Milam residents 2, Scammers 0 during week
Ted Hubert
Con artists are working hard in Milam County but with little success. The latest scam feature is having the winnings delivered to your home.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) points out the bold behavior of these crooks for using names of government agencies and legitimate telephone numbers.

They claim to represent the National Sweepstakes Bureau (NSB) or even the FTC in an effort to woo the victims into believing they won a contest they did not enter.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), allows the caller to appear to be local.

The “target” receives a telephone call and the caller explains that he/she is in the area to deliver the sweepstakes winnings. Two such calls have been reported to the Milam County TRIAD this past week. Neither resident was taken in.

Hubert Caywood, of Minerva, received a call and Hubert wasted no time telling the gentleman that he knew a scam when the heard it and he was not interested in receiving sweepstakes winnings from a foreign country in a sweepstakes he had not entered.

Besides, it is against the law to receive money from a foreign lottery or sweepstakes. The con artist called back the next day and the calls continued!

Hubert is 90 and has strong convictions. This thief would be better served to find another victim.

Con artists or telemarketers can pester you with telephone calls. These calls can be limited if you place your telephone number on the National Do Not Call Register.

Call 1-888-382-1222 or go on line to to stop these calls.

If the calls continue after 31 days from the day you requested this service, then report it to the FTC at 877-382-4357.

Maybe the crook did just that because Roselee Mondrik, of Cameron, got a call that the sweepstakes delivery man was on his way to her house.

Roselee told the con artist that she did not want the money and suggested that the winnings be delivered to someone else.

If he shows up at her house the law may be there waiting for him. It is doubtful that he called Roselee a second time.

A telephone number was given and each was asked to call prior to the sweepstakes delivery. Both telephone numbers were traced to Jamaica.

Why did the con artist direct them to call a number out of the United States?

What cha rges wou ld have shown up on the telephone statement next month, if they had made the call?

The answers to these questions are unknown because the Milam County contacts were prepared to handle the situation. We are thankful for that.

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