Evil incarnate comes to Tiger Gym

There he was. Much to the contrary, he didn’t have a pointy tail or a pitchfork grasped in a cloven hoof.



Seven years removed from the most heinous series of events in sports history, where one Baylor basketball player murdered another and as head coach led the cover up, Dave Bliss is back on the sidelines and most of the basketball world is scratching its head and asking, How?

Looking for a game after Lexington cancelled because they are still involved in the state playoffs, Rockdale coach Dusty Loewe found a replacement in Allen Academy.

Bliss, 66, was hired in May to not only coach basketball at the state’s oldest private school, but he was also charged with being the dean of students at the school of 130.

It costs $10,000 a year to attend the school. It is unclear how much Bliss is being paid.

The board naturally was “concerned” with Bliss’ past before approving his hiring unanimously.

Just listen to what Jerry Bullin, head of the school’s board of trustees, said about Bliss’ hiring.

“We did our due diligence and were convinced, yes, he’s made some mistakes,” Bullin told USA Today. “On the other hand, we feel he is a great person. People think very highly of him, and we think he can make a great contribution to Allen Academy.”

Head of the school John Rouse, hired Bliss and according to Rouse, Bliss’ past is of little concern to him.

“I don’t operate that way,” Rouse told USA Today. “I believe in forgiveness and the chance to give somebody a second chance.”

When the Baylor deal went down, I read every word of that transcript that came from one of Bliss’ assistant’s secret recording that eventually nailed the coach. It made my stomach hurt.

Bliss doesn’t discuss much about those days, indicating he panicked as events snowballed.

Let me tell you how panicked he was, he concocted a story about a dead player’s drug dealing to hide the fact that he had been paying the two players’ involved.

Did he start “panicking” before he started paying, or after?

He was then caught on this secret tape saying they could make up anything they wanted about murdered player Patrick Dennehy, “because he’s dead.”


Had it not been for the taping, Bliss may have gotten away with it. He’s a co-conspirator who was never put on trial.

The families of those involved are appalled that anyone would hire him, much less the fact that he would be put in charge of a group of impressionable young men.

It hasn’t taken Bliss long to jump back in the frying pan.

In his thinly veiled plan to turn Allen Academy into a basketball powerhouse ala Oak Hill in Virginia, Bliss got Allen Academy kicked out of the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools last week after the organization ruled that there was improper inducements in the recruitment of two transfer players.

Allen Academy has since joined the smaller Texas Christian Athletic League, which has a more liberal outlook on illegal transfers

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