Third time not the charm for would-be scammer
Ted Hubert
Previously, Hubert Caywood and Roselee Mondrik received calls from a con artist determined to deliver sweepstakes winnings and now a third name can be added: Charlene Magee, formally of Milano.

Evidently it is the same caller for all three. This crook is calling up to five times a day.

Many times the criminal making the contact is hoping to gain information from the victim.

However this is not the case here. He k nows names and addresses and he has shared the information with these residing in Milam County.

Are there others who have been contacted by this guy that live in Milam County?

It takes longer to call your number than it does for you to hang-up. When you see who is calling, you are not obligated to say hello or anything else. Just pick-up the phone and immediately hang up.

Just play the game and see if the caller will quit calling. Attempted murder is a crime. Attempted robbery is a crime. Why isn’t at tempted scam a crime?

The mystery shopper scam is going around again.

This “job opportunity” came to R.B. Westbrook. There is a very good chance that the con does not know where he lives, because only the post office box number is given.

The let ter is ma i led f rom Canada.

Inside the envelope are three items, the original notice, a “check” for $3,890.26, and a form on each side of an 8 1 /2 X 11 sheet to be completed.

One side is the “Company Evaluation Sheet” and on the back is the “Acceptance Form”. A signature and date is requested on the bottom of the form.

The non-existent pay is very good.

You are offered $100 for each of the three hours probationary training pay and $200 for shopping or hotel lodging.

Also, you are offered $165.26 to pay Western Union for service charges or Moneygram. Of course, $3,225 is required to be sent.

Westbrook is instructed to spend the $200.00 at Walmart, K-Mart, Sears, J.C. Penney or one day lodging at Best Western or Days Inn.

He w ill learn how to send money via wire by sending $3,2225 . Sor t of on-t he -job training, you would think.

Westbrook will learning by doing, would you guess? The people to contact are Edward Armstrong and Janes F. Shelly, Director, Human Resources.

Google these men to learn more about them.

The reading is interesting.

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