Whose responsibility on handicapped space?

Dear editor,

The handicapped spaces at Walmart are clearly marked and the parallel spaces are marked as well.

The angle line behind the parallel lines marked like that so no one will park there and I understand it is a violation to do so.

However, on any hour of any day you can find two cars parked in those spots.

I have an electronic lift in the back of my van and it requires extra space to operate this. If my understanding is correct, that is why those spaces are marked for vans and can use that extra space for loading and unloading.

There have been numerous occasions where I go in and come out finding someone illegally parked against the back of my van, either parallel or diagonal, and I cannot operate the lift and enter my van until that person returns or I have them paged.

I have talked with Walmart about this and they say the police can write tickets for those parked in that angle-lined space and that they are responsible for doing so.

But then I asked one of the Rockdale police officers on the Walmart lot the same question and his response was “that’s a Walmart problem.”

So I ask the question, whose responsibility is this and can something be done about it?

For those of you who are not handicapped, I am sure this is a little thing. However, I have this scooter chair and lift so I can maintain some independence in my lifestyle and when others abuse these parking privileges it is very discouraging.

Hopefully, after reading this, some of you will be more understanding to leave the parallel angle spaces open for those that need them.

Elaine Van Horn

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