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Cunningha m, Cottonwood Heights,

Utah; Bobby Charanza, Rockdale;

Ba nks Sisters Apar tments, Rockdale;

Tim and Wanda Clanton,

Milano; Climate Co ntrol, Rockdale.

Also, James Mann, Thorndale;

John Guillote, Chester, South Carolina;

Jody Logsdon, Rockdale; Dayna

Heine, Brenham; Robert Roscoe,

Cheshire, Connecticut.

RENE WALS —Rodney and

Michelle Barcak, Rockdale; Evelyn

Lacaze, Ro ckdale; Beverly and Dennis

Carney, Rockdale; Vivian Covert,

Ce dar Creek ; R M Bartley, Rockdale;

Rose Blythe, Rockdale; Bennie

Pounders, Rockdale; Joy Kenjur a,


Also, Wilso n Kyle, Gause; Bill

Duncum, Austin; Richard Kubiak,

Giddings; Dorothy Glaser Schulze,

Temple; Dianne Whiteley, Milano;

Robert Ross, Rockdale; Jim Richard

son, Rockdale; Wade L Smith,

Temple ; Edwin Morrison, Thorndale. Also, Billy Graham, Thor ndale;

Le e Roy Pratt, Ca meron; Roger

App legate, Rockdale; Claude Gann,

Austin; Bob Bell, Lexin gton; Leonard

Kubiak, Rockdale; Cintron, Houston.

Also, In the News, Tampa, Florida;

Katherine Bedrich, Camero n;

Mrs A R Coldiron, Milano; Richard

Crump, T horn dale; Barbara McW hir ter,

Thor ndale; Sha ron Houston,

Milano; Betty Bartlett, Camero n;

Mau die Morrison, Rockdale.

Also, Leon R Terry, Temple; John

D Kovar, Fa yetteville; Jim Foster,

Rockdale; Tommy Grimes, Rockdale;

Rev Robert Heral d, Hearne; Anthony

Walko, Thorndale; Mary A Gray,

Gause; Dea nna Cary, Rockdale;

Russell Hur st, Rockdale.

Also, Weldon S mith, Rockdale;

Mary A Nieto, San Antonio; M ike

Hranicky, El La go; Eunice Stigall,

Thorndale; Bill and Kerr y Silvey,

Gause; Michael Korth, Aust in;

Dwayne and JoAnn Farrell, Teague;

Raye Ell en J ohnson, Milano.

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