Did auditor run for office she did not want?

Dear editor,

Why did the district judge state he will reappoint Danica Lara as auditor when she sought and was reelected to the office of treasurer?

Why did she run for an office she did not want? Is this ethical? Does it show integrity?

Why didn’t the judge do the ethical thing and advertise the position was available and needed to be filled and the responsible individuals with accounting/ training or experience should apply?

What qualifications does Lara have for this position? Is she a trained accountant? Has she taken accounting/auditing courses in high school or a business school?

This is sounding more and more like the “Good Ole Boys” network doing its thing and to heck with the citizens of the county.

Her resignation (as treasurer) will create a vacancy for the office of treasurer so the Good Ole Boys network will appoint her replacement.

Why not let the new court make the appointment? Is it even legal to fill an office before the term of that office?

Would it not be fraudulent to have members of the court, who are out of office at midnight Jan. 31, select the new treasurer who can’t be sworn in until after the old court is gone.

The old court accepts their lame duck selection. Hopefully, the newly-elected officials will have the integrity to refuse to accept this unethical situation and quickly correct it.

A rancher was asking for advice about his wayward son and a neighbor said the “two by four” psychology he used on his mule— between the eyes—would work.

Perhaps we should stash a few two-by-fours around the courthouse.

Loal D. Cole

1111 East Ninth

Cameron, TX 76520

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