Good Samaritans, RMH helped after fall, injury

Dear editor,

Dec. 11, my sister and I were walking toward St. Thomas Episcopal Church to purchase tickets for the Christmas Tour of Homes.

I happened to trip and fall, with my head hitting the curb. Immediately there were people there to help, and I will always be grateful to each and every one of them, most of whom I did not know.

I especially want to thank Randy Hall, of Caldwell, for his quick response and I am so grateful that he had knowledge of how to handle accident victims through his experience as a law enforcement officer.

I also thank those who quickly obtained ice to apply to my swollen forehead, and towels for the bleeding abrasions I sustained, and those who offered prayers for me. These kind people were so wonderful.

Also, let me say how grateful I am that the Rockdale hospital is still open for business. Those employees in the emergency room and the doctor who was on duty were professional and knowledgeable.

I would hate to think of Rockdale no longer having a hospital and hope and pray that this facility can continue to serve the needs of individuals who need medical services. My injuries, by the way, were quickly attended to and I am doing well, thanks to all of those who cared so much.

Having lived in Rockdale from 1954 until 1990, and working at Richards Memorial Hospital for its first 20 years of service, I already knew how necessary this hospital is and how wonderful the residents of Rockdale and surrounding area are.

I have often wished I had never left there, even though I had to commute 60 miles one-way each day. This accident reaffirmed my faith in the goodness of people and how quick they are to help anyone who needs it.

You all will never know how much I appreciate all of those who were so kind and helpful to me.

I was disappointed that my sister and I did not get to take the tour of homes this year. I do hope there will be another opportunity next year.

Merry Christmas and, again, thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Lois Braun Noak

3627 Noak Road

Round Top, TX 78954

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