Limit student cell phone usage in RISD

Dear editor,

I just finished reading Mike Brown’s very good article “Hightech gets an “F” in would- be crisis”.

A few years ago when Jerry Caywood and Lisa Gerthe pushed R ISD School Board to pass rules about students and cellphones some parents and school board members did not agree and thought students should be allowed to carry and use cell phones whenever and wherever they pleased so those rules were over turned and now we have our high-tech mess.

The call was made on a cell phone left by a student unattended by another student during school.

The police were hindered in their methodical search by text messages between students and by text messages to parents, which brought them to a school on lockdown.

More targets and if there really had been a shooter they just endangered their children even more, as well as themselves.

Tex t ing bet ween st udents could have allowed a real shooter to shoot more, take hostages, escape, ambush the police or many more negative options.

All this during the hours when the kids should not have access to their cell phones. During school hours they are there to learn, not to text their friends, surf the net or talk and post on facebook.

I see many posts on Facebook from these kids during school hours. And why does an eightyear old need a cell phone?

Call me old fashioned or a prude but why? I can understand a teen having one although my children didn’t get one until college but cell phones were not that popular then either.

Parents please make your kids work for something. Don’t just give them everything, how will they learn the value of its worth?

And, RISD if you really want to protect our youth, protect them from themselves because they are kids and they need to be taught.

I run a business in this town and I have to teach every teen that has ever worked for me not to talk on the cell phone while on the job.

This behavior is started in school. Please, for their safety and basic job skills, please put some rules about cell phone usage back in the RISD.

Deta Donnelly

1404 Alcoa


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