Famous New Year’s babies

Each year, families across the globe welcome a new addition on the same day as they’re ringing in the New Year.

Known as “New Year’ s Babies,” babies born on Jan. 1 are often the talk of newscasts and even get written up in newspapers.

For some, that first foray into fame continues later in life. The following people, who gained fame and notoriety in all walks of life, can all lay claim to being “New Year’s Babies”:

• Pope Alexander VI, born 1431.

• Henry, Duke of Cornwall, born 1511.

• Pau l Re vere, A mer ic a n patriot, born 1735.

• Betsy Ross, American seamstress, born 1752.

• E.M. Forster, English novelist, 1789.

• J. Edgar Hoover, American FBI director, born 1895.

• Barry Goldwater, American politician, 1909.

• Hank Greenberg, baseball Hall of Famer, born 1911.

• J. D. Salinger, A mer ican novelist, born 1919.

• Rocky Graziano, American boxer, born 1919.

• Vernon L . Smith, Nobel Prize winner (economics), born 1927.

• Frank Langella, American actor, born 1938.

• Rivelino, Brazilian football player, born 1946.

• Grandmaster Flash, American musician, born 1958.

• Derrick Thomas, American football player, born 1967.

• Verne Troyer, A mer ican actor, born 1969.

• Bobby Holik, Czech hockey player, born 1971.

• Brody Dalle, Australian singer, born 1979.

• Elin Nordegren, Swedish model, born 1980.

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