‘Miss Dorsie’ turns 90

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Firs t, le t me wis h yo u and yours a very ble ssed Me rr y Chris tmas . I kn ow t here are manyofyou wh owill be t r avel i ng du ri ng t he holi days a nd we as k trave l mer cies fo r you at this time.

A ver y sp ec ial “than k you” to Gause 4- H Club members, Gause IS D stude nts and people of the communityand sur roundi ng areas in helping make the commun

ity Christmas gift pr ogram a huge suc cess.

On Sat urda y, De c. 18 Dor sie Sm ithFer gusonWilson was honored w ith a 90th bir t hday c eleb rat ion at the G au se I SD cafete ria. A program was pre - sent ed wit h family memb ers and friends par ticipat ing. Fol lowing the pro gram ,arecep tionand ser vingofref resh ment swere he ld. Wishin g you many more birt hday s “Miss Dorsie.”

She was the first Kindergarten te acher in Gause ISD and taught four of our five chil dre n. She is special to us. Last We dnesday evening, Gause Baptist Chu rch sponsored a commu nit y Ch r ist ma s carol - ing and then on Friday morn ing , Gaus eJuniorHighstudent s boarded a school bus and we nt abou t town sin g ing Ch r ist mas carols . Bothacti vitieswer e great ly rec eiv ed throughout the com mun it y.

We sley a nd Mela n ie R as co , Hayden and Gracie hosted their fam i ly Chr ist ma s get -tog eth er on Sun day at their home.

Lois Wilkins spent several days la st week in the Pasa dena area with her children and fam ilies.

Cathy andDavid Hayl esof Leag ue Citywere intow non Frid ay to attend grands on Jaxon Hay les’ pa rty at school. Following

the part y he ret urned home wit h th em to spend Christ mas with them and other family me mbers.

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