New health care law going into ef fect
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Good health for the elderly should be apprec iated and protected. A plan designed to fit t he needs of each individual is necessary, if the goals to improve your health, are sincere and obtainable.

The new health reform actions pas sed re cent ly has a foc us on preventative ca re that will assure Americans a healthier life, plus reduce medical treatment cost to Medicare and the individual.

It goes into effect Jan. 1. Where do you start? It could be in the office of your health care provider and could be a telephone call or personal visit to the doctor’s office to make an appointment.

How easy is that?

Senior Citizen Journal reports: “Older adults have a much higher risk of developing cancer, diabetes, aging-eye disease, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, depression, than the younger generations; as a result, the need for preventive services increases with age. Improved cover age means older and more vulnerable seniors will have access to preventative services starting in 2011.”

Seniors and their medical practitioners will now be able to make appropriate choices about Medical care based on the need for preventive services, rather than whether or not the elder can pay for the service.

Many senior citizens on poverty level fixed incomes will no longer have to choose bet ween food and shelter or medical care. You can read more by going to:

A doctor’s letter to his Medicare patients gives notice of this provision in law and encourages them to call for an appointment in January.

Beginning Januar y 2011, Medicare is allow ing enrolled patients to receive an annual wellness visit with their physician or practitioner to promote a personalized prevention plan.

This visit is covered by Medicare, without any co-payments, percentages, or deductible amounts. Basically this means if you have Medicare you will be able to schedule this wellness visit with your provider to develop a preventative care plan with no cost to you, the patient.

This new wellness visit is designed to focus more on preventative health care and to develop a personalized plan for you to follow. It is not a “physical” and will not include services such as a yearly pap and pelvic exam for females or other screening services allowed by medicare.

It is a separate well ne ss visit designed primarily for the purpose of creating a personalized prevention plan which has been customized for your health care needs.

Hopefully you will make the call or visit to your doctor, if you are enrolled in the Medicare program.

With health care to day, it is extremely important to have a preventative medical plan to ensure that you are aware of the necessary guidelines to maintain a good healthy lifestyle.

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