FWIW, oh wait, I think I’m ATD till noon
Mike Brown
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I am apparently one of the last holdouts against the prac tice known as texting.

I have three good rea sons.

• I understand it costs money.

• It got Bret t Favre in a lot of trouble.

• I can’t figure out how to do it.

But more and more people who are cla ssifie d as “seniors”— and they don’t mean people who are about to head for college— are getting

into texti ng and th is creates problems.

Th eLOLsandOMG ’sdon ’t qu ite fit in with the sen ior life - style.

I got sent this du ring the past week. It’s supposed to be a list of senior tex ting abbrevi ations.

I present it wit hout comment. Well, sort of without comment:

• ATD —At The Doctor’s.

•BT W— BringTheWheel - chair.

• BYOT— Bring Yo ur Own Teeth. •CBM— Cover edBy Med i- care.

•CUATS C— SeeYou AtThe Senior Center.

• DW I— Driving While Incontinent.

• FWB: Friend Wit h Beta Blockers.

• FWI W: Forgot Where I Was

• FYI: Found Your Insu lin.

• G GPBL — G otta G o, Pa ce - maker Battery Low!

• GHA—Got Heartburn Aga in.

• IMHO: Is My Hear ing- A id On?

• LMDO— Laug hing My Den - tures Out .

• LOL— Living On Lipitor. • LWO —Lawrenc e Welk’s On. • OMMR—On My Massag e Recliner.

• OMSG— Oh My! Sorr y, Gas.

• ROFL . . . CGU— Rolling On The Floor Laughi ng . . Can’t Get Up.

• TTYL— Talk To You Louder.

• WA ITT— Who Am I Talking To?

• W TFA— We t The Furn itu re Again.

• WTP— Where’s The Pr unes?

• WWNO —Wa lker Whe els Need Oil.

Of course that ’s not an exhaustive

list. Her e’s a few more that might come in handy:

• TPAA —Th rew Phon e Aw ay Again.

• WGCOW— Wife Gone, Come Over! Wink.

• ICOBFW YL—I’d Come Over But Forgot Where You Live.

• NMF W— Ne ve r Min d (coming

over) I Forgot Why.

• (completely blan k) —I’m trying totextonthe TVremote agai n.

Remember how it was back in the early day s of the Interne t in the 1990s?

Shorthand was used there, too, but for a dif ferent reason than the text ing shor thand of to day.

Back then if you didn’ t keep it short you risked a chan ce of not being able to communic at e at all.

Any one rememb er “being booted?”

That was when your old dial- up modem kicked you off- line and you had to go through the rigmarole

of get ting back on again.

Then once you did, the person you were talk ing to was often not there whe n you logge d back on bec ause th ey had bee n bo ote d too.

Happ ene d to me so ofte n I finally just gave up and married her.

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