Where to find Facebook time? Get yourself a civil service job


While I normally jot down my “The 5ive” list at the end of my weekly space, for purposes that will become obvious, we will do things in reverse order this time around.

With that in mind, here are the five most ridiculous things I have found on my Facebook page:

1. “Just woke up, I think I’ll have Capt’n Crunch for breakfast.”

2. “I can almost touch my tongue to my nose if I bend my head down.”

3. “I think I might eat a ham sandwich for lunch.”

4. “I really miss that Hey Vern guy.”

5. “I think my dog and I are really starting to look alike.”

Now, you may have noticed Mike Brown’s story a couple of weeks ago that referenced a survey which found some county employees were spending up to five hours a day surfing the internet—specifically Facebook.

Sounds to me like they were vacationing the internet.

Now I don’t exactly have a strenuous job here that keeps me glued to the computer screen, but that’s the one thing I have never understood about Facebook. Where do people get the time?

Thanks to Mike’s story, I know now. Wanna be a Facebook star? Get yourself a civil service job and let the taxpayers do the rest.

(By the way, what happened to MySpace? Do we have a Betamax-VHS thing going here?)

It has been at least six months since I have logged on to my facebook page and use the term “my” loosely, because I lost control of my Facebook page long ago, hence the reason I no longer participate.

My page has been taken over by strangers.

What started out as a social networking site for college kids has been transformed into a scrapbook site for Baby Boomers.

Now I do see some good in Facebook. Connecting with long lost friends and relatives can only be a good thing.

It’s the friends and relatives of the long lost friends and relatives that are the problem.

My Facebook picture is one of me when I was five years old. It is my favorite picture of myself because I am scowling, which is kind of my outlook on this whole thing.

I have always been somewhat of an introvert so it would seem that Facebook would be right up my alley. I could talk to strangers without actually having to talk to them.

For purposes of this column, I logged on just to see what was going on on my page.

There was over 50 responses to our Addams Family Christmas card. I did not know over half of the people responding.

About 30 people I don’t know loved the picture. Thanks. It’s great to know that strangers approve of what you do in your life.

And apparently there is some kind of a farm game I am not familiar with, that everyone is obsessed with on the site.

The Face is an excellent communicator, it lets us know who are now friends with each other. Two people I don’t know are friends now. Awesome!

Can you let me know where I can buy a winning lottery ticket?

People of earth revolt!

This Facebook thing is pure e-vil. Go back to ignoring your friends and family. Turn your interests to watching shows about pawn shops. I understand there is a new show about clipping coupons.

And here’s something completely insane, actually work eight hours and give your employer a fair day’s work for your eight hour wage, especially if you work for the government.

I’m not paying taxes so you can find out that some guy named Earl has six toes on his left foot.

If I have offended anyone, well, just post your response on Facebook.

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