RISD lists core beliefs, goals, vision
Dr. Howell Wright

Last November, the RISD board of trustees revisited the district goals and the district vision that were developed in the summer of 2009.

Before discussing the goals and vision we reviewed the 10 core Beliefs the board used to create the goals and vision statement.

Core beliefs are the values the board shares collectively and is the basis of our decision making process.

Imagine a pyramid. Core beliefs would be the base of a pyramid as the base supports everything above it.

In our case the district goals and vision are in the body of the pyramid, supported by the core beliefs at its base.

Over the next several weeks I will discuss how decisions and actions of the district are supporting its core beliefs. There are many decisions to be made on a daily basis and sometimes those decisions involve conflicting interests; so when I am faced with competing agendas I always refer to the board’s first core beliefs. Here are all 10:

1. The district will always put the needs of children above the wants of adults.

2. All students can learn at or above grade level.

3. Individuals thrive in settings that respect individual contributions and diversity of backgrounds, ethnicity, interests, and perspectives in achieving common goals.

4. The achievement gap in RISD must and will be eliminated, while maintaining rigorous standards of performance for all. 5. RISD will be a high performing school system exhibiting excellence in all aspects of the district.

6. RISD will be filled with high quality, competent, and caring teachers, principals, and staff.

7. RISD will graduate students prepared for higher education, the work place, and active participation in American democracy.

8. RISD schools will provide a safe and secure environment that is conducive to learning.

9. All parents of RISD students must be empowered to play an active role in their students’ education.

10. Community collaboration is fundamental to achieving and sustaining success.

Here are the district goals:

1. RISD will be a TEA recognized school district while narrowing the achievement gap among all students. 2. RISD will provide students with a safe and inviting environment that is conducive to learning.

3. RISD will cultivate a high quality, professional and caring staff that is adaptable to the change facing students and educators in the 21st Century.

4. RISD will educate our “digital” students as 21st Century learners and prepare students, academically and socially, for college and the workforce.

5. RISD will empower parents and the community to play an active role in the education of students.

VISION—The vision is to be a world class school system in our global environment where every student is a learner, every learner is a graduate, and every graduate is a success.

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