Benjamin Forrest Mor row et al to Vernon

Mc Intyre Morrow Living Trust (Sept. 3, 2010), Citizens National Bank, tr ustee – 102.2 acres, D. Monroe Survey, and 876.17 acres, William Moore Survey A- 255 (v. 1,139, p. 324).

Warranty De eds

Ella Myr tle Ca ywoo d Estate, Jerry Allen Caywoo d, independent executor, to Jerry Allen Caywood – 55 acres and 16 acres (v. 1,139, p. 62) .

Debra Kaye Dubec to Pro -D Build er LLC – 26.5 acres, Jackson Hall League (v. 1,139, p. 119) .

Tomm S. Owens to Tate A. Owens – 4 acres, Jose Leal Survey A- 29 (v. 1,139, p. 195) .

Ge orgia Ann Rozner to Tr ac y Jo (Rozner)

Sandoval – 68.261 acres, Charles Martin 1/ 3 League (v. 1,139, p. 204) .

Cathy Anna Co oper et al to Bradley D. Cooper – 0.378 acre, Jose Lea l Survey, except Lots 4- 6, Bl ock 20, Min erva (v. 1,139, p. 208 ).

Jimmy Perry and Dennis Perr y to Kevin Lindig an d Bonnie Lindig – see instrume nt (v. 1,13 9, p. 299).

Edward Nelson Whitley Jr. and Violet Elizabeth Whitley nka Violet Elizab eth Sanders to Angelia Silva – Lot 14, Block 4, Terral Heights Addition, Cameron (v. 1,139, p. 34 3) .

Sp ecial Warranty Deed

Fannie Mae aka Fe deral National Mortgage Associat ion an d Nat ional Real Estate Information Services LP, attor ney - in- fa ct, to G8 Opportunity Fund IV LLC – 10.8 52 acres, Mi guel Survey A-13 (v. 1,139, p. 198) .

Spe cial Warranty Gif t Deeds

Tammy D. Cain to Kelly Cain – 15.95 8 acres, S. A. Long Survey A-24 0 (v. 1,139, p. 65).

Silveree Bro oks an d Niley Rosemond to Joyce Fisher – ea st half of Lot 1, Blo ck 1, Subdi vision E, Henderson- Arnold (v. 1,139, p. 122).

Grant Deed

Great American Land Sales LLC, Barry Nishman, managin g partner, to Ambrosia Rodriguez – Lot s 4-5 and north half of Lot 6, Block 54, Camer on (v. 1,139, p. 116) .

Memorandum Leases

Baty Family Trust, Roy S. Baty Jr. and Dorothy Marie Baty, indi viduall y and as trustees, to CSI Energy LP and Fluids LLC GP, Internati onal Fluid Dynamics LLC, managing member, and Franklin C. Fisher Jr., president – 118.8 acres, Jose Leal Sur vey A- 29 (v. 1,139, p. 102).

Mark Harris and Debra Har ris to CSI Ener gy LP – 38.26 ac res, James Shelton Sur vey (v. 1,139, p. 10 5).

Kat hyrn B. Young Revocable Trust and Kathr yn B. Youn g, individually and as tr ustee, to CSI Energy LP and Fluids LLC GP, International Fluid Dynamics LLC, managing member, and Franklin C. Fisher Jr., president _ 118.8 acres, Jose Leal Sur vey A- 29 (v. 1,139, p. 107).

Oil, Gas & Mineral Leases

Joe Charles Willingham Jr. to Explora - tion Te chniques Inc. – two tracts, Nichol - son and Sackett Surveys (v. 1,139, p. 4).

Joe A. Small to Exploration Technique s Inc. – 78.09 acres, W. W. Hill Survey A- 191 (v. 1,139, p. 8).

James E. Small to Exploration Tech - nique s Inc. – 78.09 acres, W. W. Hill survey A- 191 (v. 1,139, p. 11) .

Probate Cases Filed

Citizens Natio nal Bank applied for the Wilson Clif ford Keith Estate – letters test amentary (PR10719) .

Frank R. Love applied for the William B. Love Estate – letters testamentary (PR1072 0) .


Civil Cases Filed

Citibank (South Dakota) N. A. vs. Mona A. Broll – consumer/ commercial debt.

CACH LLC vs. Richard Evans – consumer/ commercial debt .

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