Police: 20 calls per day in 2010

Rockdale police reported to almost 20 service calls per day from the public in 2010, virtually identical to the 2009 total.

Statistics compiled by police for the year just past showed officers responded to 7,043 calls, an average of 19.3 per day.

That compares to 7,287, or 19.6 per day, in 2009.

The big jump in yearly crime statistics was in citations, which went from 2,956 in 2009 to 3,421 in 2010, an increase of 25 percent.

Most citations are for traffic offenses but there are many other citable offenses including leash laws, curfews and alcohol laws.

Incidents (reportable offenses) and arrests went up slightly during the year.

COMPARISON—Police Chief Thomas Harris said the Rockdale Police Department continues to outperform departments in comparably sized towns in the most recent statistics available.

“In 2009, which are the most recent statistics we have, the Rockdale PD had 175 offenses reported and cleared 44 percent of them,” he said.

“The average for cities our size is 25 percent.”

In 2009 the Cameron Police Department reported 201 offenses and cleared 15 percent, he said.

Harris said the Milam County Sheriff’s Department reported 183 offenses and cleared 12 percent.

NO MURDERS—A breakdown of crimes investigated by police during 2010 shows there were no homicides or aggravated robberies inside the city limits.

But there was at least one of all other crimes recorded on the annual report. The list follows:

Aggravated assault, 3; aggravated sexual assault, 4; assault, 43, burglary, 42.

Burglar y of a vehicle, 21; criminal mischief, 53; criminal trespass, 12; credit card/debit card abuse, 18.

Driving while intoxicated, 12, driving while license invalid 175; expired driver’s license, 21; no driver’s license, 98.

Forgery, 16; evading arrest, 14; possession of marijuana ( less than two ounces), 32; possession of marijuana (2 to 4 ounces), 2; possession of a controlled substance, 25; public intoxication, 35.

Resisting arrest, 6; sex offenders failure to perform duties, 5; theft, 105; theft of firearm, 105.

“It was a pretty typical year,” Lt. J. D. Newlin said. “We did have some drugs like ecstasy show up, which we usually don’t see here but that was a one-weekend thing.”

Newlin said the number of arrests for driver’s license offenses represents a change of sorts.

“ We are actually arresting people if they are driving without a license, not just giving them citations,” he said.

“ That also involved driving with an invalid license,” Newlin said.

The offense is a misdemeanor and, by itself, results in a fine, not jail time, he noted.

Arrests for sex offenders failing to complete their duties to the court also reflect a new focus.

Police have begun monthly checks of every convicted sex offender in the Rockdale city limits.

Convicted sex offenders must follow a strict set of rules and may be arrested if they violate those guidelines.

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