‘Rockdale’s’ Dixie Contractors miffed over Austin contract

Dixie Demolition, an Alabama firm with strong Rockdale ties, is hoping for a contract to tear down Austin’s old Holly Street plant. Dixie Demolition, an Alabama firm with strong Rockdale ties, is hoping for a contract to tear down Austin’s old Holly Street plant. A demolition firm with strong recent ties to Rockdale feels it’s being left out of the mix by Austin authorities in its quest for a major project in the capitol city.

Dixie Demolition bid $18.8 million to demolish the Holly Street Power Plant on Lady Bird Lake.

But Dixie finished second by about one-half point in a complex “matrix” ranking devised by city officials. Apparent winner TRC Environmental bid $24.9 million, $6.1 million more than Dixie.

Claude Hendrickson, Dixie ow ner, s a id ab out a do z en Rockdale residents are employed by Dixie. “Currently we’ve only got two (employees) who aren’t from Rockdale,” he said.

DELAY—Dixie and TRC were so close in the evaluation the Austin City Council did not award a contract Thursday as planned but delayed the decision for two weeks for more study.

Hendrickson Hendrickson The motion to delay was made by Austin Mayor Pro Tem Mike Martinez, who is a Rockdale native and 1987 Rockdale High School graduate.

“The matrix and procurement method we used was a best value and not lowest bid format,” Martinez told The Reporter.

Dixie came in .64-point behind TRC and the council staff recommended TRC, citing a bigger presence in Austin, more experience in local issues and better financial stability.

“Because of the price difference,

I moved to postpone to allow the council to dig into the proposal,” Martinez said.

DEBT-FREE—Hendrickson, who finished demolishing Alcoa’s Sandow Power Plant Units 1, 2 and 3 last year, doesn’t buy the staff’s stated reasons for ranking TRC first.

Martinez Martinez “They aren’t local, they’re from Connecticut,” he said. “We’ve been in the Austin area (Rockdale) working for several years and I think everyone knows we’ve participated in this community and this area.”

“TRC has lost $156 million over the past three years. We’re debt free,” Hendrickson said.

“And the project we’ve just done (Sandow 1, 2 and 3) is so similar to Holly Street,” he said.

The point total was 93.22 points (out of a possible 115) for TRC and 92.58 for Dixie.

Former Austin Mayor Gus Garcia is a consultant for TRC.

Five ot her bidders scored between 85.68 and 56.4 points.

OPTIONS—Martinez said the council has three options, support the staff recommendation and award the bid to TRC, reject all bids or change the values awarded by the staff in order to achieve a different outcome in the score.

“But if we decide to change any scoring, we must clearly quantify and justify the change,” he said.

“If we cannot, we can only accept the staff’s recommendation or start the bidding process over,” Martinez said.

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