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Scammers targeting Facebook accounts F acebook is a website designed to keep in touch with friends. It is a social utility available to those 13 years of age and up to share personal information and photographs.

It has become extremely popular with millions of members world wide using it everyday.

Members register with an identification and password. When the member posts personal data it is open to friends and those not so friendly.

Hackers can retrieve passwords enter the members computer and open their address book. This access allows messages to be sent in the name of the owner.

One example is a call for money The friends are told some desperate story of being stranded and in need of quick cash.

It is looks authentic because the e-mail appears to be from the friend’s computer.

A 23-year old-man from California is facing jail time for getting passwords from the Facebook account and blackmailing young women.

The authorities asked George Bronk why he did what he did. He said it was a joke. Well this joke will place him in jail soon. I wonder who is laughing now.

If you want to read more about this, google in the name “George Bronk.”

Another case happened this month. An old friend was found on Facebook, so contact was made.

The old friend married a Chinese woman and the couple are now living in China. He is teaching English there.

Two days after contact was made an e-mail was sent to the one making contact to his friend in China from Othman Bin Khairi, a citizen of Malaysia.

He is a bank employee and one of the bank’s clients left a small fortune and coincidentally the client’s surname is the same as the one receiving this notice.

It really seems odd that Khairi is asking for the receiver’s email address. K hairi has the e-mail address and the e-mail, just reported, proves it.

If this scam comes your way, just trash it.

The lesson to learn here is to carefully select information you are posting for all to see and use.

Evil seems to be lurking everywhere. You cannot let your guard down. People are most vulnerable when they are with people they trust and in comfortable surroundings.

The Milam Count y TR IA D wishes all that use Facebook success and happiness. The Facebook company is very concerned about the scams generated from its website and is taking steps to secure information shared on its network

We senior citizens used to enjoy wholesome family entertainment, manners were expected, and foul language around small children and ladies was not permitted.

Sadly, our world has changed. Why haven’t we kept the world more pure for our children? Why haven’t we demanded that the standards of decency remain high? Is it because the American society and the judicial system were more powerful than we?

Knowledge is at our fingertips through the internet, which is a marvelous learning tool, and, unfortunately, it provides fertile soil for scams, fraud and schemes.

This is a menu for the con artist, hungr y to take unfair advantage of their prey. Criminals steal the identification of an individual and you know the rest of the story.

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