The return of trash talking is quite refreshing


I am quite disappointed that the New York Jets are not playing in the 45th Super Bowl just up the road a piece at Jerry’s World.

Not that I am any kind of New York Jets fan, although I loved Joe Willie Namath when I was a kid and as a quarterback myself, I tried to emulate him in every way possible for a 14-year old boy.

The reason for my disappointment is that Jets head coach Rex Ryan will not be a part of the festivities, which means the pre-game media circus will be nice and polite.

Quite frankly, I find Ryan’s barrel chested trash talking, well, forgive me, kind of refreshing.

Now, I am certainly no proponent of using profanity in any way, shape or form and Ryan certainly has a penchant for using four letter words as he proved on the HBO summer series Hard Knocks and it was a ratings bonanza.

But his language and demeanor is all part of his bravado and he is not afraid to speak his mind.

And no one is safe. He took on one of the most sacred cows in professional sports, Bill Belichek and the New England Patriots.

Who knows how much of a part it played in the Jets upset victory.

On the other hand—or foot I should say—Belichek punished his player Wes Welker for his tongue-in-cheek ribbing of Ryan.

I come from an era where a trash talking was a part of the game plan.

The 1976 Rockdale Tigers were state champions in football. They were also state champions in trash talking.

When we played Taylor or Cameron, it was like an episode of Jerry Springer. We got back as much as we handed out as well.

I still can’t get used to Rockdale fans standing up for the Cameron school song.

I read a story once where the writer polled a large number of NBA players and found out who the most notorious trash-talkers were.

I was stunned who finished at No. 1. The players almost unanimously named, gulp, Larry Bird.

You may remember the famous fight that Bird got into with Dr. J, Julius Irving.

The end result was that Dr. J had to have his hands peeled off from around Larry’s neck.

What caused the riff was Bird saying to Dr. J after tossing in several shots in a row, “You’d better start covering me or I’m going to score 60 on you.”

Hence, the choke hold.

I miss the barbed banter between Texas and Texas A&M players prior to the their annual pigskin battle.

I was actually on the field before the 1987 Thanksgiving game when a huge fight broke out between the two teams.

Texas’ hard-hitting defensive back John Hagy had been talking beaucoup trash before the game in the newspaper and continued his tirade on the field.

Dana Baptiste and John Roper took exception

It didn’t work, Bucky Richardson and company won 20-13 and went to the Cotton Bowl and were ranked No. 6.

I am certainly not promoting fighting between two teams and I can’t stand the chest beating narcissism of pro sports and I don’t want to come off as the ugly American, but in this age of politically correct thinking and speaking, Ryan’s smirking barbs just struck me as, well, a breath of fresh air.

The 5ive

According to Bleacher
Report, here are the five biggest trash talkers of all-time:
1. Larry Bird
2. Muhammad Ali
3. Michael Jordan
4. Reggie Miller
5. Shannon Sharpe

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