‘Bieber fever’ is just funny to watch

I t seems that my hubby Buck and I have spent more Valentine’s Days apart rather than together since meeting 10 years ago. That’s partly because he was in the Army and was out on field exercises and such in February. It is also because with both of us working after he got out of the military and “Happy Heart Day” falling on a weekday, we were usually too tired to go anywhere.

This Valentine’s Day we did something a little out of the ordinary for us, we celebrated early. On Friday to be exact. Our initial idea was to go to dinner, a movie and stay the night in College Station. After a crazy week for both of us, by Friday afternoon we just decided on dinner and a movie, preferably nothing with cartoon characters.

We decided on really good Italian restaurant (try Fritella’s Italian Cafe on Texas Avenue, yummy) and the new movie “The Eagle.” It was opening weekend so we tried to get there early. It was also opening weekend for the new Justin Bieber movie “Never Say Never.” So about 150 females of all ages got to their movie early as well. So many of them that the movie theater staff had portions of the lobby roped off for the crowd and extra security. (Actually, the two cops may always be there on Friday night, but it just added to the chaos.)

As we got coffee to take into our movie (yes, we needed coffee to stay awake past the early evening...the years are starting to show), seating began for the Bieber movie. I have to say I actually laughed out loud a couple of times as the collage of fans made their way through the ticket taker stand. The college aged girls belted out Bieber hits (actually he just has one, right) as they stood in line. Really girls, he’s like 13.

Then there was this dad who definitely gets some brownie points for “father of the year.” Obviously a 40-year-old man with a lot of body hair would stand out in a crowd of girls. He seemed just as excited as the females did to enter the theater. Then I noticed him whip out a large amount of movie tickets. Weird, I thought to myself. Then I saw a group of about 10 girls ages 7 to 9 giddily fall in line behind him. That is a good Dad.

It seems “Bieber Fever” is sweeping the nation. I vaguely remember that same sort of thing 10 or 15 years ago with the Backstreet Boys and N’SYNC. Wonder if I still have my CDs.

As Valentine’s Day rolled around on Monday I know that since we had celebrated early not to expect anything from the hubby. He is one of those that does not believe in flowers because “all they do is die.” (Did I mention I really like getting flowers?)

I told the other girls at the office who got flowers and candy how nice it must because I knew I wouldn’t be getting flowers.

Well, I am here to let you know, I ate crow on Monday afternoon. About 2:45 p.m. my husband walks through the front door of The Reporter with Valentine roses.

Mark one for Buck. You got me.

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