E.A. Camp story

Dear editor,

Mike Brown did a good job on the story about E A. Camp (Reporter Lifestyle feature, Feb. 17).

To the best of my memory he was the only man in Rockdale who wore the bat-wing collar and the carnation as well. They were his trademarks.

The tie in the picture caught my attention. For some reason I seem to remember in the late 1940’s he often wore a black bow tie. Whatever the tie, it was a good story.

Jack Kyle

Huntsville Dear editor,

I enjoyed the article about Mr. E.A. Camp. Claude and I married in 1954 and several months later we were interested in some acreage for sale.

We took the 21 steps up to his office, talked with him a few minutes. He leaned back in his chair and said “Just a bit of advice, don’t try to keep up with the Joneses.”

We did not buy the acres. Good advice today?

Lanell Spence

High marks for MCAD

Dear editor,

It’s almost impossible to pick up a paper and not read something about a government agency that has done something or another to betray its public trust. Articles complementary to any agency of government, local, state or national, are as rare today as the Passenger Pigeon, the last of which disappeared nearly a century ago.

Last year the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts initiated the Methods and Assistance Program (MAP) as a process for reviewing the requirements and activities of all appraisal districts across the state of Texas. Half of the districts were to be canvassed in 2010 and the remainder in 2011. The Milam County Appraisal District ( MCAD) under Chief Appraiser Pat Moraw, was among the first wave. The final report for MCAD was published on Jan. 27, 2011. Here are the results of that evaluation.

MCAD was appraised on two major operational classifications. The first was mandatory requirements common, for the most part, to all Appraisal Districts across the state. Various yes/no questions were asked and points awarded for the proper response. A perfect score was 100 points. Bonus questions were also asked as a means for demonstrating the capability of exceeding the minimum. Documentation was necessary to back up each response. MCAD exceeded the standard in every category.

The second operational classification was more subjective, covering four major appraisal district activities including Governance, Taxpayer Assistance, Operating Procedures and Appraisal Standards, Procedures and Methodology. Scores were awarded on a grid from a low of unsatisfactory to a high of exceeds. MCAD was rated as exceeds in every category.

In a letter from Deborah Cartwright to Pat Moraw dated Jan. 27, 2011, Ms. Cartwright said, “We commend the Milam CAD board of directors, chief appraiser and staff for passing all mandatory requirements. In addition, the appraisal district met all minimum requirements for completing the MAP, which means that no recommendation for improvement as a result of this review are in the report.”

As the chairman of the board for the Milam County Appraisal District and speaking on behalf of all members, we take little credit for this accomplishment. Instead, any satisfaction derived from having done so well on this first of what will become a biennial review of district operations belongs solely to Pat Moraw and her excellent team. The citizens of Milam County are being well served.

Under the Freedom of Information Act this report is available from the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts web site at proptax/map/2010.html.


David Ogee, chairman

Milam County Appraisal

District board of directors

12849 County Road 440

Thorndale TX 76577

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