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Scam warning letter is (surprise!) a scam E arl Whitmore of Rockdale got a letter from “Mrs. Farida Mzamber Waziri, executive chairperson of the economic crimes commission in Nigeria.”

It uses her name, but it is very doubtful that she had anything to do with it. The con artist hopes that their victims will trust the authenticity of the offer by name dropping.

The body of the document explains the actions taken by the Nigerian government to recover money lost through illegal means from scammers misrepresenting themselves as bank officials.

The investigating department has developed a list of hoodlums that were arrested. The names are posted and the request is to look over the list and notify the EFCC, if you lost money to those listed.

The investigation “took years of work to find these criminals and the work is ongoing.” In fact, if you lost money to a con artist from Nigeria, you should report that name and the specifics of the scam to EFCC.

There are 19 names on the list. Those criminals convicted of the crime could face 25 years behind bars.

The letter directs the addressee to contact the Central Bank of Nigeria directly and not deal with individuals asking for personal data.

The letter then reinforces that “a large sum of money does exist in your name.”

However it names The Oceanic Bank International PLC as the only office/paying bank that is under the watchful eye of the bank governor.

This bank will “wire the funds into your account.”

The letter also gives an “apology from the Nigerian President and the people of this wonderful nation. “

You are advised to stop any contact you might have with the con artist because the chance of being mistreated is a true danger and you are taking an unnecessary risk.

These hoodlums have nothing to send. They get and do not give you anything.

Whitmore’s name does not appear anywhere in the letter. The phishers are fishing for the name, address, home and cell telephone numbers, your occupation, a copy of your ID, your bank name and bank information.

The name Farida Waziri, typed into the google search engine will bring up several websites.

F ind t he site w it h “ www.scamoftheday or or, or or or just sign-in and look at images of Farida Wazire.

The pictures are there also. Don’t you love the small world we live in?

Earl Whitmore knew what to do with this “offer from Nigeria.” He wants to share the scam so others will be on the alert.

Earl has served as treasurer of the Milam County TRIAD since its beginning.

April 4 will mark the ninth anniversary of the agreement signed by the attorney general and law enforcers of Milam County.

Milam County TRIAD was the 112th unit formed in Texas.

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