One vote against YMCA plans for Rockdale

Dear editor:

First I would like to commend the efforts of the Municipal Development District ( MDD) board on its attempts to at least explore options to try to stir up some kind of business, excitement, employment, something besides our current situation.

Let’s explore the Y.

Milam County has had many gyms in the past. At this very moment we have only one. It is full co-ed and is located downtown Rockdale. A crowd of more than 80 people showed up to the meeting at the Patterson Center.

So where are these people at this gym that is open now? Do we really think it is viable to put a Y in Rockdale at this point?

As our census numbers show, our grow th is ver y slow and Austin related growth has not impacted us yet.

Before any facility of this magnitude was even considered a feasibility study should have been done.

The Y is like buying a franchise these days and that is not the direction Rockdale needs to go.

Putting “Y” on the side of the building limits some of the programs taught in the facility. If it were city-run, many different programs could be taught for a profit, such as learn to swim, lifeguard, pool requirements training, fitness, all kinds of programs not just those approved by the Y.

And the facility will need the profit to keep the doors open. The building of the facility is only the initial startup cost.

A feasibility study would ask for a five year period of solvency, or to keep the doors open, bills paid and employees on job

I did a feasibility study before I opened my business as it is now and a YMCA was included in my study done in 2004 and the numbers have not changed in a positive enough fashion, but they have in Taylor.

So now I am very curious as to why the Y there has not added an indoor pool and instead wants to come here when all my research indicates it is a very poor idea.

With over 8% unemployment, a small 2.1 increase in the population in the last 10 years and Alcoa gone, Milam County, I can tell you in the fitness industry times they are tough.

And MDD you are not making it any easier for me!

Deta Donnelly

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