Warranty Deeds

Charline D. Clark and Harold W. Clark, agent and attorney- in- fact, to Harold W. “Smokey” Clark – Cotton Wells Survey A-390 and Benjamin Swoap Survey A-328 (v. 1,142, p. 343, 347).

James Dale Stewart Estate, Carol W. Glaser, administrator, to Randall B. Stewar t – Jose Leal Sur vey A-29 (v. 1,142, p. 364).

Carlos Ambriz and Patsy Ambriz to Juan M. Osorio and Jose L. Osorio – W.W. Lewis League ( v. 1,142, p. 452).

David Scott Callaway to Page Callaway (v. 1,142, p. 470).

Carol T. Meiske to Roy James Meiske – W.W. Lewis Survey ABS No. 30 (v. 1,142, p. 474).

Linda A. Culp et al to Weldon E. Davis – Lot 2, Block 50, Buckholts (v. 1,142, p. 534).

Jesse William Perry and Alice Perry Lane to Bruce Perry and Catherine Perry – Frederick Ernst Survey A-151 (v. 1,142, p. 594).

Nannie Fay Muston to Teal Holdings LLC (v. 1,142, p. 646).

Russell Kinningham and Shirley D. Kinningham to Charles Mancuso and Cullen V. Mancuso – James Walter Survey A- 65 and John J. Whiteside Survey (v. 1,142, p. 816).

Fred B. Moser and Paulette Irene Moser to Fred B. Moser Joint Living Trust and Paulette Irene Moser Joint Living Trust, Fred B. Moser and Paulette Irene Moser, trustees – James Shields Survey A40 (v. 1,142, p. 835).

Jerry A. Burns and Linda G. Burns to Rickey W. Blagg and Leta J. Blagg – A.W. Sullivan Survey (v. 1,142, p. 838).

Warranty Deeds With Vendor’s Lien

Ronnie Dorner et al to Charles J. Mayer and Bobbie Mayer – Starlight Subdivision, Cameron (v. 1,142, p. 503).

Weldon E. Davis to Joe Smitherman and Shari Smitherman – Buckholts (v. 1,142, p. 544).

S&V Partnership, Harry D. Vowell, attorney- in- fact and general par tner, and Larry E. Sanders, general partner, to Alan Campbell – Elijah Bailey Survey A-93 (v. 1,142, p. 652).

Special Warranty Deeds

Harold W. Clark to Charline D. Clark Supplemental Needs Trust, Kenneth Wayne Clark and Jay Fritzsching, trustees – Benjamin Swoap Survey A-328 and Cotton Wells Survey A-390 (v. 1,142, p. 787, 790).

Assumption Warranty Deed

Erika Gomez to Francisco J. Gomes and Norma Gomez – William W. Lewis Survey A-30 (v. 1,142, p. 833).

General Warranty Deed

Evelyn E. Pfannstiel to Billy D. Blount and Sheryl Blount (v. 1,142, p. 830).

Quitclaim Deeds

Johnny M. McCoy and Judith A . McCoy to McCoy Revocable Trust, Johnny M. McCoy and Judith A. McCoy, trustees – Harrison Owens Headright Survey (v. 1,142, p. 567).

Derrick Lance Ruzicka to Roderick Wade Ruzicka and Melissa Ruzicka – J.A. DePena Survey (v. 1,142, p. 599).

Trustees Deed

Carroll W. Glaser, trustee, Tracy L. Ingram and Cyndia Ingram to Bill Foster – William Mitchell Survey (v. 1,142, p. 614).

Cemetery Deed

City of Cameron to Sherr y Miller – Section 2, Row 5, Lot 31, Oakhill Cemetery (v. 1,142, p. 368).

Oil and Gas Leases

Wilma Jean Stracener to Buf fco Production Inc. (v. 1,142, p. 381).

Ralph Louis Ross Estate, Ralph L. Ross, independent executor and trustee, to Twin Resources LLC – Mrs. Willie R. Timmins Sur vey A - 457 ( v. 1,142, p. 386).

Alvin F. Paul and Helen L. Paul to Twin Resources LLC – John Dunlap Survey A-140 (v. 1,142, p. 391).

Luke Dileo Jr. and Carla Dileo to Twin Resources LLC – Walker and Casay Surveys (v. 1,142, p. 402).

Kathy C. Johnston to Twin Resources LLC – Chiles and Hughes Surveys (v. 1,142, p. 416).

Probate Cases Filed

Nina G. Monteabaro applied for the Fred E. Monteabaro Estate – muniment of title (PR10735).

Joyce P. Henderson applied for the Bessie J. Henderson Estate – muniment of title (PR10736).

June Lester applied for the William Frank Hulse Estate – determination of heirship (PR10737).

Tamara Jean Black applied for the Virginia C. Black Estate – letters of testamentary (PR10738).


Civil Cases Filed

Texas Medical Distributors Inc. vs. Gatesco Medical Supply Inc. – con - sumer/commercial debt.

U.S. Bank National Association vs. Deborah Stout et al – consumer/commercial debt.

Citibank (South Dakota) vs. Bobbie R. Jones – consumer/commercial debt.

Milam County vs. Valerie and Juan Deleon – tax case.

FIA Card Services NA vs. Jennifer C. Dodd – consumer/commercial debt.

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