What is worship?

Calvary Baptist Church

On Dec. 16, 2010, the Missions Team from Highland Lakes Encampment in Spicewood came to help us straighten things up at The Country Preacher’s Fishing Hole, which is a thrift ministry of Calvary Baptist Church.

For about three weeks, we had announced when the group was going to arrive and explained what was going to happen. We asked our church members to come and tidy up the church the day before the group’s arrival, and to come on the day the group was to arrive to assist in the cleanup.

After the work on cleanup day, we all met together in the sanctuary of the church and had a few minutes of singing, and then we had prayer for both groups, our ministry here in Rockdale, and the ministry of Highland Lakes.

The day after the group left, one of our church members came by and was very upset that she had missed the “worship time”. She was told that for three weeks, we had announced the arrival of the group and what they were going to do. She said, “Yes, but you didn’t tell me you were going to have worship.”

What is worship? Is it just coming together for a few minutes of singing and prayer, with maybe a devotional or sermon thrown in? Is it giving your tithe on Sunday morning and then forgetting God for the rest of the week? Is worship coming to a special place and saying a prayer and leaving? What is worship? The church is not a building. The church is the Christian people who come together and form a congregation. Cleaning the church building and the property around the church building should be an act of worship toward your heavenly Father. Speaking a kind word to a friend or family member should be done as an act of worship toward your heavenly Father.

When we met together with the Highland Lakes group early in the morning, worked all day cleaning and organizing, eating together at noon, and yes, the short 30-minute time together in the sanctuary of the church, all was worship. Do you still say, how can this be worship? It is worship because it was not done for people, but because we were doing what we did for the ongoing kingdom of our heavenly Father.

We cannot confine our worship to a meeting in a church building. As Christians, our worship must go with us every day of our lives. If you say that you do not need to go to church to worship your Lord, you are right. We must make every act of our lives an act of worship in order to glorify our Father. Yes, we go to church to worship, but we mainly come together in church to fellowship with other believers and receive that new infilling of the Holy Spirit, so that we can go out into the world and show our love for our Father.


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