Warranty Deeds

T-7 Ranch et al to Curtis Eugene Wylie – Thomas J. Chambers Survey A- 6 (v. 1,143, p. 54).

John R. Williams et al to S&V Partnership, Larry E. Sanders, general partner, and Harry D. Vowell, attorney-in-fact and general partner – Prewitt and Houston Surveys (v. 1,143, p. 80).

Kenneth W. Kilcrease Jr. and Blanca S. Kilcrease to Gordon S. Smalley and Ronna Jo Smalley – Silver Springs Ranches, Eliza Sante Survey (v. 1,143, p. 122).

Samuel Walker Jr. and Thelma Walker to Southwest Milam Water Supply Corp. – Hamilton & Rasberry Addition, Rockdale (v. 1,143, p. 199).

Sylvia Titsworth to Salem Elm Ridge Water Supply Corp. – James Reed Survey A-48 (v. 1,143, p. 299).

Mary Chudej, agent, attorney-in-fact and individually, et al to Steve Thomas Svetlik Living Trust (July 19, 2010) and Gertie Lee Svetlik Living Trust (July 19, 2010), Mary Chudej and Opal Randall, trustees – J.A. DePena Survey II League Grant (v. 1,143, p. 311).

Warranty Deeds With Vendor’s Lien

Denise Melde fka Denis Decker and Delan Decker to Eric Melde – Moerbe Addition, Thorndale (v. 1,143, p. 6).

Coleman Duncum Estate, Ber tha Marie Duncum, sole heir, to Jerry Tumlinson and Tammy Tumlinson – Coleman Duncum Addition, Cameron (v. 1,143, p. 33).

Bill J. Dixon and Vivian L. Dixon to Thomas P. Sims – two tracts, James Robertson Survey A- 301 (v. 1,143, p. 160).

James E. Tranum and Eva Marie Tranum to Wornat-Bertram LLC – Daniel Monroe Survey A-38 (v. 1,143, p. 175).

John Barkley and Medora Barkley to Carie Hopkins – Jones Brothers Subdivision (v. 1,143, p. 325).

Patricia J. “Patsy” Limmer to Rebecca Ann Fisher and Jeffrey Fisher – John F. Guthrie Survey A-175 (v. 1,143, p. 333).

June Lester, individually and as trustee, and June Lester Revocable Living Trust to Jim A. Lloyd and Kerry M. Lloyd – Williams H. Clemons Survey A-123 (v. 1,143, p. 367).

Special Warranty Deeds

William Thomas Pearson IV to Charles Randall Patranella – Sunrise Addition, Rockdale (v. 1,142, p. 877).

Chris Cooper and Kelly J. Lee- Cooper to Herbert E. Debose and Mildred B. Debose – W.W. Lewis Survey (v. 1,142, p. 880).

Stanley H. Voelkel and Margaret D. voelkel to Stanley H. Voelkel Living Trust and Margaret D. Voelkel Living Trust (v. 1,143, p. 134).

Burton Allen Weber Estate, Wayne Weber, independent executor, to Larry M. Lawrence – Miguel Davila Survey (v. 1,143, p. 224).

Sherwood Properties Inc., Robert S. McClaren, president, to Robert S. McClaren and Dana McClaren – Lee R. Davis Survey A-137 (v. 1,143, p. 295).

Fairview Subdivision Development LLC, Terry Arledge, manager, to Tyson Riley Durfey (v. 1,143, p. 354).

Assumption Warranty Deed

Jason H. Lopeman to Laurie Pratt- Lopeman – Woodson Subdivision, John House Addition (v. 1,143, p. 319).

Assumption Warranty Deed

With Vendor’s Lien

Reba Glover to Charles Ray Andrews (v. 1,143, p. 52).

Quitclaim Deeds

Joe Lean Corona Eichinger to Mark Corona – West Cameron Addition (v. 1,142, p. 887).

Suzanne B. Fisk and Victor Gordon Hardy to Suzanne B. Fisk Revocable Trust, Suzanne B. Fisk, trustee – two tracts, A.G. Perry Survey A-44 (v. 1,143, p. 303).

Substitute Trustee Deeds

John W. Latham, substitute trustee, Edward W. Biehle and Amanda C. Biehle to Chase Home Finance LLC – Westwood Subdivision, Rockdale (v. 1,143, p. 158).

Michael Madding, substitute trustee, Antonio Gonzales and Patricia J. Epperson to Wells Fargo Bank et al – Daniel Monroe Survey A-38 (v. 1,143, p. 383).

Cemetery Deed

City of Cameron to Lisa Webber – Lot 3, Row 1, Section 4, Oakhill Cemetery (v. 1,143, p. 396).

Oil, Gas and Mineral Leases

Ethel Angelina Evans and Harold F. Evans to Exploration Techniques Inc. – Mary A. Sackett Survey A-337 (v. 1,142, p. 860).

Karen K. Terrell and Michael D. Terrell to Slawson Exploration Co. Inc. – A.T. Miles Survey A-271 (v. 1,143, p. 390).

Probate Case Filed

Dwayne Beard applied for the James A. Terry Estate – letters testamentary (PR10739).


Civil Cases Filed

Milam County vs. Richard E. Young et al – tax case.

Milam County vs. Eddie Dodd et al – tax case.

Mary Emilie Drake vs. Karl William Scholl – consumer/commercial debt.

Milam County vs. Winston Woolverton et al – tax case.

Milam County vs. Stewart H. Scruggs et al – tax case.

Milam County vs. Maria Montoya et al – tax case.

Cameron ISD vs. Stephen A. Dominguez et al – tax case.

Equable Ascent Financial LLC vs. Daniel Shaw – consumer/commercial debt.

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