Tax dollars shouldn’t go to ‘Y’ recruitment

Dear editor:

People of Rockdale, awaken to the politics of your tax dollars.

Your ta x dollars are being offered to an outside entity.

This board that has been appointed to help bring business to Rockdale is offering up your tax dollars to outside entities like the YMCA when they should all go towards the city of Rockdale.

If the people of Rockdale want a community center to work out and swim then they should get one, yet this board wants to give hard- earned tax dollars to an outside association that at least two of the board members attend for their personal workouts.

I would convey that may be a bit suspicious.

Why would anyone believe that giving part of our tax dollars to an outside association is efficient in any way?

The jobs they have predicted the Y would bring could easily be local city jobs with no association but to Rockdale.

We all work hard for our money and do not need it given away. If these board members had the people of Rockdale in their best interest they would never give away tax dollars to an association that can mandate the programs and facility that we the people have paid for.

I really don’t understand the real politics of this board but it seems to be smelling like something I have smelt before and it just plain stinks.

People of Rockdale please do not let some board waste our hard earned tax dollars.

We can have a center w ith Rockdale’s name on the building not some association that will limit the scope of our community center and take some of our money from our taxes.

David Donnelly

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