Critic invited ‘come to Nineveh and help us’

Dear editor,

Ms. Shuffield (Letters, April 7) must not have come into the sanctuary of our “ lovely little church.”

We have been having services at Calvary Baptist Church for the past 12 years, and still have services every Sunday morning.

Ms. Shuffield has not attended any of those services.

We are small, but we are here for people ever y day. We reopened a church that had been closed at least five times that we know of, so there evidently were some problems in the “lovely little church” before we came.

As for Praesel Addition itself, I do have to say I resent her statement that Praesel Addition is a dump ground. There are a lot of fine people living in Praesel Addition, so don’t make your statements cover too much territory.

If you want to attack us, please do not attack the whole addition. I agree that dumping is dumping. and it is hard for two old geezers to go through some of the garbage (used diapers. broken computers, non-working electrical appliances, etc.) to find the good stuff.

But, there are some wonderful people in Rockdale who think enough about our ministry to bring us some great furniture, working appliances, sometimes new clot hing, book s, k nickknacks, you name it, we get it.

Thank you, Rockdale.

I agree when Ms. Shuffield invites the City of Rockdale to start cleaning up the city “ by cleaning up this mess.”

Come on, Rockdale, help us. We see people help other organizations. Why not us?

Yes, the furniture is out in the weather, but we cover it with plastic and, believe it or not, Ms. Shuffield, there is not that much that gets ruined, because those in need come and get it.

We were offered a free building a short time ago to put the furniture inside, but could not find anyone willing to help us move it for less than $20,000.

We have asked for volunteers to help us clean, but no one will volunteer and we cannot afford to pay for help.

Who is doing most of the cleaning? My husband, who is on oral chemo drugs and has been for quite some time.

I am in ill health myself and cannot help him the way I would like to.

County officials have been here. They have really helped us tremendously at times with dirt, gravel, etc. that we could not afford to purchase.

Please, Ms. Shuffield, come by and talk with me. I would like to show you around and let you see for yourself that we do not have any rats, mice, roaches, etc.

Our ministry has been here for 10 years, and we have had three snakes. Our church cat, Garbo (you may have seen her name in the paper in the past), keeps the unwanted critters out.

The next time you are in Rockdale, make plans to spend two or three hours of your time helping us sort through things and get better organized.

Since the hard freeze we recently had, we have some busted pipes in the back building that maybe you could spare a few dollars to help us replace.

Or maybe you could help us fix our riding lawnmower so that my husband—remember, the one battling cancer?—would not have to use a push mower.

Jesus loves you Ms. Shuffield, and we do, too. Just remember, we serve a jealous God, and He does not like for people to attack His ministry.

We will be praying for you, and hope you will do the same for us. Prayer does more good than criticism, but if you really feel as strongly about the situation as you seem to, come on over to Nineveh and help us.

Carrie Adams>

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