Nature Fest photo winners named

Bessie Simpson, one of three best of show winners with contest chairperson Paula Engelhardt. Bessie Simpson, one of three best of show winners with contest chairperson Paula Engelhardt. CAMERON–Winners of the second annual Milam County Nature Festival photography contest have been announced. Entries were judged April 5 at Rockdale General Store by Gary Griesbach, John W. Cearley and Shawn Walton. The contest yielded nearly 100 entries.

A list and photographs of all winning entries along with photos of the awards ceremony and photo display will be available on the El Camino Real Master Naturalist website. Check out all of the wonderful entries at:

Results are as follows:


(under age 12)

Best In Show–Bessie Simpson, “Yellow Flower”.

Wildlife–1. Georgiana Crist, “Mr. Turtle”; 2. Jacob Pedroza, Bee on Yellow Flower; 3. Kevin Junek, “Wild Life at It’s Best”.

Landscape/Scenery–1. Georgiana Crist, “Bambi”; 2. Brittney Czajkowski, Tree; 3. Kevin Junek, “Cows in the Snow”.

Plants–1. Bessie Simpson, “Yellow Flower”; 2. Seth Vinton, “Friendly Helper”; 3. Dakora Taylor, “Pink Flower”.

People in Nature–1. Kevin Junek, “Let the Breeze Flow On”.

Funny Nature Photos–1. Georgiana Crist, “Where the Buffalo Now Roam, Behind Fences”; 2. Kevin Junek, “This is My Good Side”; 3. Alexis Welch, “Nature of Texas”.

Most Creative Title–Kevin Junek, “This is My Good Side”.


(age 12-17)

Best in Show– Emily McCoy, Killdeer close-up.

Wildlife–1. Danielle Pedroza, Butterfly on yellow flower; 2. Emily McCoy, Killdeer on nest.

Landscape/Scenery–1. Emily McCoy, Fence in Winter; 2. Danielle Pedroza, Waterscape; 3. Justin Blakely, “Twin Trees”.

Plants–1. Derek Walton, “Roof of Branches”; 2. Danielle Pedroza, Dragonfly on plant; 3. Cameron Cooper, “Clover”.

Funny Nature Photos–1. Emily McCoy, Killdeer close-up.

Most Creative Title–Derek Walton, “Roof of Branches”.


(age 18 and Over)

Best In Show– Mary Ann Melton, “Checking You Out”.

Wildlife –1. Mar y Ann Melton, “Checking You Out”; 2. Jan Yakesch, “Worm”; 3. Jim Hailey, “Great Roadrunner”.

Landscape/Scenery–1. Billy Lambert, “Sunset”; 2. Jack Simpson, “Early Morning Silence”; 3. Carl Benson, “Fall in Kurten”.

Plants–1. Jan Yakesch, “Cactus”; 2. Brian Hundle, “A New Beginning”; 3. Kelsey Siegmund, “Springtime Splendor”.

People In Nature–1. Mary Ann Melton, “Canoe the Rio Grande”; 2. Jack Simpson, ““Winter at the Beach”; 3. Billy Lambert, “Sunset”.

Funny Nature Photo–1. Billy Lambert, “Are You My Mommy? And Why is There a Squirrel on Your Head?”; 2. Mary Ann Melton, “A Mother’s Work is Never Done”; 3. Marty Irwin, “High on the Hog”.

Most Creative Title–Jack Simpson, “Night Shift”.

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