Tax loophole didn’t close for General Electric CEO

Dear editor,

While campaigning for the white house job, Obama and some of his liberal friends accused George W. Bush of being too friendly with the big oil companies when the price of gasoline kept getting higher.

Why aren’t the liberals blaming the current president for the outrageous prices we’re paying for gas today?

Also, Obama was going to do something about the loopholes that people were using to avoid paying taxes.

Well, General Electric made billions in profit and paid no taxes and its CEO, Jeffrey Immel seems to be a close friend of Obama’s.

Obama goes to Immel for advice.

Very interesting.

As far as the huge debt that our country is in, both parties are guilty of spending money carelessly and when Bush was president he failed to veto a single excess spending bill from Congress for over six years.

It looks as though when a person gets to Washington, they think money actually grows on trees.

Charles Helmer

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