‘Spring Fling’ Wednesday is season’s kickoff

Even though it already almost feels like summer— especially in the afternoon—it’s still just winter, I guess. I know that, because the Linwood Acres Garden Club has yet to have their Spring Fling and that is officially the beginning of spring in Rockdale.

Well, next week it begins. The “fling” this year was delayed a bit because of the late date of Easter. But don’t worry—it’s next week and then we can start having spring. The date is April 27 (Wednesday), 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at St. John’s United Methodist Church fellowship hall. Bring your own card or domino players, cards or dominoes, scorepads, and they’ll provide everything else.

Tables will be set up for bridge, canasta, Bunko, fortytwo or whatever other games you can think of if you call and tell them how many seats you need. Tables will also be set up for lunch only for those working or not in a gameplaying mood. There will be snacks and coffee and other morning beverages, a salad tasting lunch (my personal favorite of those menus they’ve had over the years), door prizes, a silent auction and lots of fun.

Tickets are $7 and can be purchased from any garden club member or at the door. And, if you don’t show up, we’ll talk about you!


Bill and I recently took a short trip to the Hill Country to see the wildflowers. Well, we could have stayed at home or made a trip to Cameron or Lexington or Thorndale. There are more wildflowers around here.

We saw sweeps of primroses, a few small groupings of bluebonnets and paintbrushes, but nothing to write home about. When we stopped to eat, I asked the waiter about a flower I could see from the window by our table. “That, Ma’am, is called a weed,” he said.

Most of the bluebonnets are fading around here, but the Indian Blankets (or firewheels) are just beautiful from here to Thorndale. Let us know if you have any outstanding local wildflower sightings.


I have started a “garden” with a barrel of herbs and a few pots of tomatoes and peppers around it. I showed grandson Augie my “garden” and he was not terribly impressed. He said, “Nano, you shouldn’t call that a garden because it’s too little.” But he still checks the little green tomatoes on my plants to see if they are ripe enough to eat.


The hummingbirds think it’s already spring too. They’ve showed up in our yard and at our feeder since we’ve got it filled for them. I know others have already seen them too because I’m already getting calls about how to make the hummingbird feed and it’s this simple: One part sugar to 4 parts water. Boil in a saucepan for about 3 minutes or until the sugar is totally dissolved. Let cool and fill the feeder. This little bit of trouble is well worth the enjoyment you’ll get from those hummingbirds.

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