Thanks seniors, it has been a great ride

This time of year always makes me a little sad. The school year is quickly coming to an end, which means graduation. When I graduated 15 years ago come next month, it all happened so fast, for me and my family.

I remember being escorted on to the field for graduation by my parents and either the classmate in front of me or classmate behind had their graduation cap fly halfway down the field. It was like graduating in a hurricane the wind was so strong.

Our commencement speaker, and forgive me I can not remember her name, but that she was blonde, spoke and sang during our ceremony. We also had all our scholarships announced during graduation. Now there were only 25 of us in that Milano High School Class of 1996, but I’m pretty sure we still hold the record for longest graduation in history at MHS.


Speaking of my alma mater I am extremely excited for the Milano baseball team for earning the school’s first ever spot in the state playoff. I was in high school when the first ever baseball team was started at Milano, so the idea of the team making hte playoffs is very exciting. I wish Coach Jayce Rasberry, Coach Craig Jentsch and all the Eagles baseball players good luck.


A little bit of history was made on the girls sides of things at MHS this year too. Every girls “team” sport made it to the postseason. The volleyball team went to the regional quarterfinals, the basektball team were bi-district finalist and the softball team is about to begin its run in the post-season. That is unusal because the girls basketball team hadn’t been to the playoffs in 11 years. Nice job ladies.


As commencement invitations get ready to go in the mail, soak it all in. To graduates and parents, make memories and don’t get so stressed out. These are times you will never get back.

In the newspaper business, as you walk the sidelines or stand along the gym wall during games, you watch the athletes grow inside and out. You also get to become friends with their parents (and grandparents in some cases).

Here’s a special “thank you” to all you senior athletes (and your families) I have enjoyed watching on the fields, courts and tracks throughout the years. What a blast it has been. I wish you all much success and blessings in your futures.

(Someone remind me of these great words of wisdom come May 2024 when I graduate my first baby from high school.)

The 5ive

During my travels far and wide (I’ve only been out of the country one and the state a hand full of times), here are the five best places to eat out of the state of Texas (and none involve barbecue):

1. In-N-Out Burger. We eat there at least three times each trip to California to visit family. husband Buck has discovered there are now three In-N-Out restaurants in the DFW area. Guess where are next road trip will be?

2. Del Taco. Again, ate there while on a couple of trips to California. Tacos and french fries, where can you go wrong.

3. Holiday Inn in Vicksburg, Mississippi. I am not sure if it is even open anymore, but when I was in the fourth grade, we went on a trip to Georgia to see my oldest brother graduate from basic training. The pancakes there were as big as my head and tasted so good.

4. Camp Garry Owen grill, Republic of South Korea. While Buck was stationed there I went out for a two week stay. You would think the authenic food would be my favorite. Nope, it was chicken fried rice with cheese melted on top. Yummy.

5. Laughing Ladies Cafe, Salida, Colorado. This place is the most special out of the five. Buck and I ate there on our honeymoon 10 years ago this June. The best sandwiches in the world.

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