Appraisal values drop in county, Rockdale ISD

Luminant figures still only estimates

It’s not shaping up to be a good budget preparation year for the Rockdale ISD or Milam County.

Preliminary net taxable values were certified Monday by the Milam County Appraisal District and Chief Appraiser Pat Moraw listed substantial decreases for the school district and the county as a whole.

And that’s without firm figures for Luminant, whose Unit 5 has been a major factor in the county’s tax base.

Taxable values in the Rockdale ISD dropped $25,106,815 (2.2 percent) from the 2010 certified figure of $1,138,452,468 to the 2011 preliminary figure of $1,113,345,653.

In the county as a whole, taxable values declined $69,876,265 (3.8 percent) from $1,832,544,641 to $1,762,668,376.

LUMINANT—Moraw said the figures she released Monday were compiled without firm appraisal data from Luminant.

“The chief appraiser is required to release the preliminary values to the taxing entities by April 30,” she said. “But industries like Luminant don’t have to get their renditions in until May 15.”

So without having a rendition we’re basing some of these figures on estimates,” she said. “There will obviously be some adjustments.”

HOMES STA BLE—Home owners, as a whole, did not see an increase in valuations, she said.

“I did not make any schedule adjustments as a class,” Moraw said. “Of course, individual homes could have gone up and down.”

“Even though the market may be softening in Milam County, with homes staying on the market for a longer period of time, reported sales of residential properties indicate the 2010 values are comparable with the current market.”

She said the MCAD received only 25 percent of the usual number of reported sales. “That contributed to an 80 percent decrease in overall propert y transactions.”

Moraw said rural land prices continue to show increases and agricultural prices posted slight increases.

She said final values, “which may be lower,” will be calculated after the three-month appeals process is finished.

MILAM COUNTY 2011 2010 %
Milam County $1,762,668,376 $1,832,544,641 -3.8
Rockdale City 186,866,060 184,289,322 +1.9
Cameron City 172,170,212 163,457,587 +5.3
Thorndale City 37,685,200 36,978,555 +1.9
Buckholts City 8,439,472 8,225,751 +2.6
Rockdale ISD 1,113,345,653 1,138,452,468 -2.2
Cameron ISD 284,656,846 276,705,489 +3.0
Thorndale ISD 111,551,249 102,765,697 +8,5
Milano ISD 81,000,289 78,144,427 +3.7
Gause ISD 79,626,010 80,806,847 -1.5
Buckholts ISD 27,362,999 26,628,074 +2.8

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