Attorneys, politicians should be against crime

Dear editor:

As all of you know, last week there was a terrible murder in San Gabriel. Two lowlifes murdered a lady, stole her car and went about their day as if all was well.

After being caught by police they confessed. They will now be appointed an attorney who will try to prove their actions were by mistake, that they are not really bad guys, maybe things just went wrong.

What is known as a good defense attorney will twist the truth. In otherwords, he is a good liar. This makes him nearly as bad as the lowlifes he represents.

If they are found guilty he will appeal this case on and on forever. Again, he will be lying by saying he is trying to make sure they get a fair deal.

Wrong. He is only trying to milk the system out of more tax dollars than we have to pay for this poor system.

As an example, take the Fort Hood shooting. What a bad joke this system is.

There will be those who will use as example recent c ases where DNA has proven someone innocent of a certain crime.

Yes, but if you look at the person’s past record in most cases you will see that they had a prior record. So, please don’t try to make it look like that person was crime free.

And while all this goes on there will be politicians in Austin and Washington wondering why there is no money left for schools and teaching.

Liberal Democrats, you should be ashamed for being soft on crime. A nd Republicans, you should be ashamed for not taking a stand against this poor system that encourages a waste of taxpayer dollars and is an injustice to the victims.

Calvin C. Whiteley

1335 County Road 330

Milano, TX 76565

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