Sheriff switches parties, cites ‘conservative views’

Greene Greene Milam County Sheriff David Greene anounced Tuesday he is switching parties and will run for re-election as a Republican in 2012.

Greene was elected as a Democrat in 2008. He provided this statement to The Reporter:

“ I persona l ly b el ie ve that a man’s political views are a very private and personal matter, however, I respect, that as a politician, my views cannot be private and are a matter for public scrutiny.

“I want the people of Milam County to know that I have always been conservative in my views and opinions and I have expressed as much with my own ballot when I go to the polls.

“For years I have held many of our local members and leaders belonging to the Democratic Party, in high regard.

“ Together we have formed strong working relationships based on our similar beliefs and views. However, we worked together as ‘community leaders,’ not as Democrats following some party plan.

“I have run the sheriff’s office based on what the people of Milam County wanted and not on the whims of a political party.

“ This past election has prov ided some insight into how the voters of Milam County feel about partisan-politics.

“I believe that this swing in favor of the Republican Party is an indication that Milam County is standing up and sending Washington a message that this is a conservative county.

“ I personally do not feel a need to send anyone a message, however; I am leaving the Democratic Party and I will campaign for my re-election as sheriff as a member of the Republican Party.

“I hope that all of my supporters who elected me to the sheriff’s office will understand that I am not changing my views or beliefs. They have always been and always will be the same.

“I am, more than anything, an American, a Texan and a resident of Milam County.

“ I w ill always perform the duties of my office as such and will serve all residents of Milam County equally.”

Filing for the 2012 primary ballot begins in December.

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