Acts of kindness meant much to soldier, family

Dear editor,

This week, my son-in-law left for Iraq after a 15 day R&R. He had come home after a very hard April, losing two soldiers in his command to hostile fire.

During his leave, he spent his time enjoying friends and family, but most of all, his 10 month old daughter, who started walking while he was here.

He was so proud of her. It was wonderful to see him play with Meghan, showing his love and care as all good daddies do.

We took him to the DFW Airport, he checked in and was able to leave to have lunch with us.

Uncle Julio’s is one of our favorite Fort Worth area restaurants, and there happened to be one within ten minutes of the airport. Soon after we were served our lunch, a waiter came to the table and gave Rob an envelope.

He said his customer just checked out and wanted to give Rob a gift certificate for $100 to pay for our meal. Immediately, Rob asked who the gift was from in order to thank them, but the waiter said the customer had already left.

When our waiter came to the table with the check, he said the manager gave us a 10 percent discount because of Rob’s military service.

Please understand how thankful we were for the amount of each of the gifts. The bottom line, though, was the consideration and show of gratitude from both the customer and the restaurant.

It assured us that what our soldiers do is recognized, respected and appreciated.

As we drove back to the airport for our very teary goodbyes, Rob said several times how much he enjoyed our lunch together and how thankful he was to those who made his “going away” dinner so pleasant.

Having a sense of value and regard of what you lay on the line each day from patriotic Americans can help a soldier get through some pretty dark days.

So, if you know a very kind person who was at Uncle Julio’s last Sunday and gave a soldier leaving home a great appreciation of what he does for our country, please tell them thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Or if you ever are in Ft Worth, please visit Uncle Julio’s for some great Mexican food.

And last, but not least, please don’t ever think that a soldier in uniform doesn’t appreciate a “Thank you for your service.” It means the world to them and their families.

Debra Jackson

137 CR 383


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