Don’t stereotype all attorneys, legal system

Dear editor,

While I feel compelled to respond to a letter of May 5, I am not sure how to reason with someone so devoid of reason.

The loss of Mrs. Phillips has left an empty spot in the heart of our community. To lose such a wonderful asset and be left to deal with two deficiencies doesn’t seem like a fair trade.

It’s true an attorney will be provided to anyone that can’t afford one even Mr. Whiteley. However, most attorneys aren’t anxious to be a public defender, the pay is not so great, so much for dragging it out to get more money.

As for appeals, a defendant is only allowed so many, not forever. I would hope the attorney sees things are handled fairly, after all he takes an oath to do just that.

Mr. Whiteley mentioned Fort Hood. Military law is quite different from civil law. They handle their own.

Prov ing someone innocent by DNA has two sides, it frees someone who is not guilty but, it also allows further pursuit of the person who is guilty. That’s a plus in anyone’s book.

I don’t intend to argue politics, be it liberal, Democrat, Republican, or whatever.

Now, I have never needed a criminal attorney but I have needed one for civil matters twice. The first was Emory Camp, even his opponents respected him and it doesn’t get better than that.

A few years back, I was being harassed. It was very scary and almost frightened me out of my home. Rique Bobbitt prosecuted the case and made it possible for me to feel safe. He was truly a Lancelot.

Recently my family had need of an attorney again. Mr. Bobbitt quickly came to our aid; you can’t imagine how secure you can feel with someone like him in your corner. Mr. Bobbitt is very thorough, honest, and genuinely cares for his client from the minute you meet his warm friendly staff, you start to relax.

I’ll make Mr. Whiteley a deal. If you won’t paint all attorneys as money-hungry liars whose whole goal is to set murderers free, I won’t paint all Whiteleys as bitter, pompous, know-it-alls.

Our system may not always work smoothly, as it is very hard to govern and care for so many people, but watch the news.

You will see we have the best country in the world. God founded us and continues to watch over us.

I sincerely hope Mr. Whiteley finds some peace in his life. Our cups are so much more than half full.

Patricia Weaver

2205 Post Oak


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