From 1956

2011—Le’Raven Clark, discus (5th), shot put (Bronze); Daniel Brooks, 110-meter hurdles (Bronze), 300-meter hurdles (6th), 100-meter dash (Gold); Jacob Gerren, 1,600-meter run (8th). 2010—Le’Raven Clark, discus (Bronze); Daniel Brooks, 110s (6th) 2009—Krysten Brooks, 100s (7th) 2008—Krysten Brooks, 100s (5th) 2007—None 2006—Leslie Starnes, pole vault

(Silver), 100-meter dash (5th) 2005—Leslie Starnes, pole vault (Silver) 2004—Leslie Starnes, pole vault


Michael Menley, discus (Silver) 2003—Leslie Starnes, pole vault

(4th) 2002—Crystal Anderson, 400- meters

(Bronze) 2001—Crystal Anderson, 400 (4th) 2000—Crystal Anderson, long jump

(8th) 1999—1,600-relay team (Crystal Anderson, Briana Bassler, Jennifer Gaines, Abbey Stigler), (4th);

Raymond Huff, 200-meters (5th) 1998—None 1997—Freddie Cates, discus (Gold); Damien Turner, high jump (Gold) 1996—Freddie Cates, discus (Silver); Damien Turner, high jump (Silver); Brooks Bassler, high jump (Bronze) 1995–P.J. Williams, hurdles (Gold), high jump (Gold), 300- meters (Silver), triple jump (Bronze)

Sprint relay team-P.J. Williams, Tyrone Mitchell, Winston Nelson, Ken Moore, (Bronze);

Brooks Bassler, high jump (5th) 1994—P.J. Williams, 300 (Gold)

Sonny Givens, triple jump (Silver)

Resha Dixon, 3,200-meters (7th) 1993—Larry White, 110-meters (5th) Brandy Williams, long jump (6th) 1992—Heather Pendleton, 1,600- meter (8th), 3,200-meter (7th)

Kyle Marshall, 800-meter (5th)

Brandy Williams, long jump


Sonny Givens, triple jump

(DNC) 1991—None 1990—None 1989—None 1988—Donny Brooks, 110-meterhurdles (Gold), long jump (4th)

Dexter Wesley, shot put (Silver)

Wendy Brinkley, discus (6th) 1987—Donny Brooks, hurdles (Gold) 1986—Donny Brooks, 110s (Bronze)

Lee Nichols, 3,200 (6th),

1,600 (6th) 1985—Tony Brooks, 110-hurdles (Gold), 300-hurdles (Gold) 1984—Tony Brooks, 300s (Gold) 1983—Cecilia Holder, 400 (Silver) 1982—Dennis Brooks, 110s (Silver) 1981—None 1980—Angela White, discus (4th) 1979—Gene Grayson, 330s (8th) 1978—Angela White, shot put (5th)

Clyde Grayson, 330s (6th) 1977—State Champions

Sprint relay team-Garry White, Don Wesley, Don Miller, Sammy Ray Branch (Gold)

Robert Luetge, pole vault (Bronze)

Kerry Locklin, discus (Bronze)

Garry White, 330 (Bronze)

Don Wesley, 100 (Bronze)

Lewis Stewart, shot put (5th) 1976—Ray Locklin, shot put (5th)

Garry White, 330-yard hurdles

(5th), 120-meter hurdles (6th) 1975—Stanley Blinka, discus (Gold)

Alan Simmons, shot put (6th) 1974—Lawrence Blinka, shot (5th) 1973—Ted Weems, discus (5th)

David Farrell, high jump (DNP) 1972—Ted Weems, discus (Gold)

Paul Backhaus, 330 (DNP) 1971—Girls sprint relay team-Patti Pebbles, Debra Sue Currie, Brenda Nealy, Thana Keen

Patti Peebles, 80 hurdles 1970—800-relay team-Judy Dyer, Jimette McNeil, Debra Sue Currie, Patti Pebbles (DNP)

Jimette McNeil, high jump (DNP)

Judy Dyer, broad jump (DNP) 1969—Jimette McNeil, high jump


Barbara Jones, 100 (DNP) 1968—Janine Romine, high jump

Judy Dyer, broad jump 1967—Jimette McNeil, high jump

(McNeil was a freshman) 1966—A.L. Moultrie, pole vault (5th)

James Roy Young, high jump (DNP)

Rebecca Peterson, shot put (Silver) broad jump (DNP) 1965—Copie Perry, 120s (Gold),

180s (Bronze)

Jim Williams, 100 (5th) 1964—None 1963—None 1962—Jimmy Baugh, broad jump

(5th) 1961—None 1960—None 1959—None 1958—Bill Scurlock, broad jump


Johnny Timmerman, shot (4th), discus (DNP) 1957—Bill Scurlock, broad jump (7th) 1956—Eddie Grubbs, 120 hurdles

(DNP), 180 hurdles (DNP)

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