We finally got some rain and by the way, you’re welcome


While I am certainly no meteorologist or Indian shaman prepared to perform some ancient ceremonial rain dance, I would like to go on record for taking full credit for the recent, muchneeded rainfall we received.

I submit as my proof, two undeniable facts

One, for those of you who were still paying attention at the end of my column last week, included in my weekly “The 5ive” list, I named the five best songs about rain in order to summon up some precipitation to the area

I believe it might have been “The Rain Song” by Led Zeppelin that did the trick.

Need I say more. You bet.

Secondly, flying in the face of danger, I watered my yard Tuesday night. Now that in itself is no serious taunting of the rain gods, but I forgot that I had indeed turned the sprinkler on as I watched TV and then went to bed, I inadvertently soaked my yard (and most of the neighborhood) for a good 12 hours while I slumbered.

There was a small lake at the end of the street. I saw a beaver building a dam across it.

My yard transformed from barren desert to swamp like.

A mere 24 hours later, the skies opened up over central Texas and blessed us with slightly over two inches of rain as I smiled at my own inside joke.

Now had I gone and washed the car, we’re talking monsoon.

No accolades are needed however and you’re welcome. Glad to do it.

I may need some assistance paying my water bill however.

Cecilia Holder

As is the case with printing any kind of all-time list, someone is going to fall through the cracks.

A lot of the time, that is the reason for publishing a list like that—to see what you’ve omitted and how correct it is.

In last week’s listing of Rockdale’s all-time state track meet participants, Cecilia Holder was left out.

Holder was a standout athlete in the early 1980s and earned a state meet berth as a senior in 1983 in the 400- meter dash.

Holder went from sixth to second in the final 50 yards to earn a silver medal, which stands as the best finish for a Rockdale girl along with Leslie Starnes and her three silver medals in the pole vault from (2004-06).

She lowered the nine-year old school record in the 400 four times.

When she graduated, she owned four school records.

Holder’s athletic career had dated back to Little League when at the age of 10, she became the first girl to play in the major league division here.

Two years later she was an allstar and a starting pitcher on a team that won a district title.

A perennial all-district selection in basketball and volleyball (there was no softball program), Holder—who is now a policewoman in Temple—will certainly receive serious Hall of Honor consideration when the time comes.

Certainly, unforgettable.

The 5ive

Here are the five best television theme songs:

1. Chico and the Man—The jazzy Jose Feliciano tune was far better than this hacky show that made the troubled Freddie Prinze a star.

2. Hawaii Five-O—Anybody can beat out this surf inspired drum line on any handy f lat surface.

3. Mission Impossible—This pulsating jet of jazz just screams spies and espionage.

4. The Jeffersons—If you don’t know the words to this handclapping hymn, you better get started.

5. Andy Griffith Show—Titled “The Fishing Hole”, there’s not a person walking the face of the earth that can’t pucker up and recite it.

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