Rockdale-area couple foils Jamaican scam

Ted Hubert

Hubert Caywood and wife, Wanda, have received calls from a con artist giving the name Jim Kingston for months now.

It is an understatement to say that con artists are tenacious, cunning and persistent.

Broken bones sent both Hubert and wife Wanda to a hospital then to a nursing home for rehabilitation.

They were away from home for five months. They are home now and the Jamaican calls started again.

Kingston, offered to bring a check to Milam county. Hubert told K ingston that the of fer sounded like a scam. He was reassured that it was not.

The Caywoods did not want to make personal contact with Kingston, however, Kingston offered to visit their home. Kingston even offered to meet Caywood at his bank.

Caywood told Kingston this was a scam and if he went to the bank he would have the police with him. After all was said and done the agreement was to meet at the local bank.

Caywood was at the bank, but— surprise—the con artist was not. Kingston did not feel threatened by authorities in Milam county. No crime had been committed. No money had been sent. Sort of a “no harm no foul” situation developed.

A captured con artist admitted that his greatest mark (or hit) happened when an elderly person would talk to him on a daily basis. When the conversation revealed the victim’s memory was failing, he would start asking for money. These criminals look for signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, then, they take every unfair advantage they can.

This is another good reason to hang up your telephone without saying a word.

MCT advised Cay wood not to carry on a conversation with these crooks.

I called days later to check on the Caywoods. He hung up on me three times before I could explain the call. Caywood hopes his story will keep others safe and keep Milam Co. as scam free as possible.

Hubert and Wanda Caywood will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary in July.

Two months ago, a con artist from Jamaica, Chris Andre Dehaney notified Mar y Kubalak, of Pembroke Pines, Florida, that she had won millions in the Jamaican lottery, but she needed to send money to release the funds.

Mary sent $370.000.00 and would have sent more, if her attorney had not taken her to court over the matter.

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