It takes an entire village to raise our chi ldren

Dear editor,

It is said that “It takes a vill age to raise a child”. If you ar e reading the headlines, you will notic e th at we are fa iling. Toomany ofouryouth are ma king the news but not nece s- sa rily for accompl ishments. Lots of fingers are being pointed at the school system.

I will be the first to admit the thoug ht of takin g my child and ru nning away ha s cro ssed my mind . However, that isn’t going to fix anythi ng.

Ihav esee nthis commu nity rally together when others needed them. Wel l, folks, our youth need us now.

If alcohol, drugs, bullying, suicide and murder aren’t enough for you to get involved, then not sur e what else wil l motivate you.

Wil l we be able to help them all? No , tha t’s realit y. Start by teac hing the m how to res pec t themselves so they can in tur n respect others.

Open you r eye s, you r hea rts, you r ar ms and you r mind s to give our kids the foundat ion they ne ed to make it in this unst able world.


Melissa Miller

109 Champions Dr ive

Rockdale, TX 76567.

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