Common sense isn’t common any more
Ted Hubert

A congratulatory letter from the “Grantor’s Institute of America” has sent notice of the purchase price for free money to R.B. Westbrook in Milano.

You can check a box in front of the desired amount you wish to purchase, $10,000.00 Grant Cert. (acceptance fee $49.95) $50,000.00 Grant Cert. (acceptance fee of $99.95), $100,000.00 for $149.95, or $ 200,000 for $249.95.

Is there anyone of the planet that would choose to buy any of the lesser amounts?

People responding to these offers needed to check the box in front of the options as listed above and mail the money to: GIA Grant Fund. payment must be by an Certified Check or Money Order.

Do you think some sent in the $49.95 acceptance fee for the smallest amount? These crooks are laughing all the way to the bank. The letter is signed by Jeff C. Greenloch. His title is President, of Awards notifications and the address is in Washington D.C.

So, why is the Better Business Bureau office reporting on this Grant Company found in Sumas, Washington?

There is a purpose in having several addresses. They are able to operate these boiler room scams. The office overhead is almost nothing and they can disappear from the scene and take all the money collected from honest, hardworking individuals.

These criminals have no com- passion and it seems they lack a basic concern for people. It is stated in the letter that they do not know the amount of grant money requested, so the letter urges the selection of one of the four options.

You are asked to sign the letter, which will release the funds. The bigger question is, How do you qualify for a grant you did not apply for?

Greenloch simply explains “We have been notified of your interest in obtaining Free Grant Money.”

Instructions inside the letter directs you to include the letter with the payment of an acceptance fee.

Greenloch adds “ Notice: We may Call You for verification once we have received your Acceptance Fee and this entire page returned with your signature.”

If you apply for a grant, you may need to compensate the grant writer. All requirements will be included in a contract. You will not get a shopping list of amounts you would like.

Grants are extremely specific and detailed.

This scam is not new.

Another angle to trick people into giving their money away. You read this right. If you write a check, send a money order or a certified check, you just gave away your money.

Common sense is not so common anymore.

Just think before you act. Tell others about the opportunities that open to you. Keep Milam County scam free.

Do not respond is the proper action to take in cases like this.

Pass the word. We, after all, are our neighbors keeper.

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