Signs your dog may be diabetic

Just like their human counterparts, dogs (and cats) can suffer many of the same illnesses and diseases. One condition that is known to plague pets is diabetes.

Diabetes is a condition in which the body’s glucose levels in the blood are not properly regulated. The pancreas is an organ that secretes insulin, a substance that helps regulate the blood-sugar levels in the body.

When too much insulin or not enough is produced, it can cause variations in glucose levels. This can produce a host of subsequent conditions that can be damaging to an animal’s body. tankPet ow ners need to be responsive to their pet’s needs and signs that there might be something wrong.

There are certain symptoms 2C, ST1000,that may indicate a pet is suffering from diabetes. If

1500-the2C,dog1500-is exhibiting3C, AK5B#any of these symptoms, consult with a veterinarian. A blood workup may be necessary.

1000 gallon,• Increased1500panting.gallon

• Increased water consumption.

• Increased urination.

• Lethargy and disinterest 6’ x 8’ in ground,in normal6’ 10” xactivities.10’ in ground

• Weight loss, even though food consumption has remained the same.

• Dehydration.

• Reduced interest in food.

• Clouding of the eye lens.

Diabetes is easy to treat once diagnosed. For mild cases, a simple diet change may be all that’s needed. In more severe cases, insulin injections, IV fluids and hospitalization could be warranted. This reality behooves pet parents to catch diabetes in the early stages.

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