Clergy responsible for Christian World View

Dear editor,

A local preacher said that he heard Obama say that he was a Christian and he believes him. What naivety.

My learning teaches me to ask more questions before determining if one is a Christian.

These questions are fundamental:

• Does he believe in the deity of Jesus Christ?

• Does he believe in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ?

• Does he believe in the blood atonement?

• Does he believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ?

• Does he believe in the inerrancies of scripture?

If he says yes to “all” these questions then you can be sure he is a Christian.

From the year 1620 to 1789 the clergy were largely responsible for instilling the freedom spirit into each and every one from a biblical perspective.

Is our clergy to once again become steadfast in their preaching the Christian faith and to not be afraid of stepping on toes or offending a government official?

How long has it been since fornication, homosexuality, divorce, pornography, gambling, drunkenness, abortion, and illegitimacy were preached from the pulpit to warn the congregations against these activities.

Have we heard about the evils of Universalism (everybody goes to heaven) and Pluralism (all religions are true)?

A new Barna study shows that in Texas 62 percent of the residents believe Christians and Muslims worship the same deity.

Research reported at the American Physical Society meeting in Dallas in March said religion may be completely dead in nine countries: Australia, Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Switzerland.

Is America going to be on this list soon?

What can the clerg y do to teach a Biblical worldview to our student age children?

Can the public School Building classrooms be turned over to our clergy on Sunday afternoons for this purpose?

Could the clergy or Christian laypeople review with the seniors, for example, what they were taught the week before?

Someone else could review the subject matter that the juniors were taught, etc. All ending in assembly w ith parents singing songs of praise to Almighty God.

When asked about preaching about homosexuality, fornication, etc. from the pulpit another preacher told me that these subjects are no longer preached from the pulpit.

Now only love and hope is preached and the moral code teaching is expected to be done in the home.

Woe unto us if this is true with all clergy. How will the student develop a Christian world view?

God help us!

Yours truly,

Bill Vogelpohl

127 E Cameron Ave


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