Nine things you can recycle that you may have not known about

We all know we should recycle, and routinely place our newspapers, plastic bottles and aluminim cans in the appropriate bins to take to recycle. Some Texas cities have curbside recycling available. But there are many other lesser known things that can be recycled. While these things may not be able to be placed at curbside, they can be dropped off at recycling centers.

Before an item is relegated to the trash can, people can do a little research and see if it can be recycled. Some companies or organizations pick up certain recyclables, saving individuals time and gas.

Google Central Texas Recycling to find places that take recycling. is a good place to start.

Also Alliance Recycling on the west end of Rockdale takes metal recycling. That means they take appliances, except for microwaves, televisions and computer screens. They also take cans. They are open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Saturdays from 8 a.m. until noon.

1. Appliances. Some cities and states have appliance recycling or rebate programs. An older, less efficient appliance can be turned in for a rebate on a new energy-efficient model. Since 1993, the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers has overseen the Appliance Recycling Information Center. The mission of this center is to serve as the authoritative source of information on the environmentally responsible disposal and recycling of appliances and to undertake research into the recycling of major household appliances. Individuals can use these resources to determine appliance recycling initiatives. Google Texas Appliance Recycling. There are many places in Central Texas who can handle recycling appliances or the rebates.

2. Computers. If a computer is in good working order, it may be sold or passed on to another person who can put it to use. Some seniors are not interested in RAM or processor speed. They just want a means of connecting to the Internet and can benefit from a recycled machine. Otherwise, computers may be donated to less fortunate schools. For those who simply must recycle the machine, there are different drop-off zones for computers and peripherals, like printers. Some goodwill organizations will take them and turn them into profits.

3. Batteries. These pint-size sources of power contain heavy metals that can leak out into the ground and water supplies. They should be brought to recycling centers to be disposed of properly. Other w ise, consider buying recyclable batteries and a charger. 4. Mattresses. Thanks to bed bug epidemic s, fewer people are w illing to purchase or take on a used mattress. For those who are upgrading to a new mattress and have an old one to discard, check with the town to find out which transfer station will recycle the mattress. Some mattress stores will cart away an old mattress if a new one is purchased.

5. Scrap metal. Those with scrap metal clogging up garages or basements can actually make some cash off these items. Scrap metal is in demand, and there are dealers who handle the sale and trade of these materials.

6. CDs and DVDs. The number of these plastic discs in circulation is high. Find out where they can be recycled or turn them into handy items for other uses. For example, use a CD as a reflector on a mailbox or at the end of the driveway.

7. CFL bulbs. The compact fluorescent bulbs save energy but they should be recycled properly, thanks to the miniscule amount of mercury they contain. Some stores, like the furniture store IKEA, will collect them.

8. Toner and ink cartridges. Don’t discard those spent cartridges. Bring them back to office supply stores for recycling credit.

9. Oil. If individuals are changing their own motor oil, it will need to be taken to the transfer station or recycling center for proper recycling. Many commercial oil change businesses will recycle their oil, which makes paying for an oil change convenient and environmentally responsible.

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